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Managing Foundation Change Through Project Management

No description

Olga Lech

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Managing Foundation Change Through Project Management

Managing Foundation Change Through Project Management
Project Management vs Change Management ?
Developing a Project Charter
ID Stakeholders & Managing Stakeholder Engagement
Collect Requirements
Define Scope
Change is hard.
Don't fix what ain't broken
change = more work for me
change = fear = unknown =
"Those who cannot change their
minds cannot change anything"
- George Bernard Shaw
Define Change
"UNLESS someone like you
cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better. Its not."-
The Lorax
"Change is the only
constant" - Heraclitus
Change is inevitable
Change can't really happen until people change
How to decide (5 C's rule*):
1. Clear
2. Concise
3. Compelling
4. Credible
5. Creative
Q: Change for Better or for Worse?
*" Changing Gears" - PM Network Magazine - July Issue p.43
A: Always for better!
Change should always be a good thing!
Project Management Change Management
Project Management
Change Management
Change = Process & Project
* 65% of companies with the best change management practices follow a formal process for implementing change, vs. 14% of companies with low effectiveness in implementing change
Towers Watson, 2012
Opportunity vs. Fear
Components of Successful Change
* 2013 PMI, PMBOK Guide - Fifth Edition
Process Groups
Knowledge Areas
Exhibit 1 from Aron, s., & Nelson, K. (2008) " The eight constants of change: What leaders need to know to drive change and win"
Project Purpose or justification
Example of a Charter:
Most common resistance:
We don't have time for planning
We are not that formal
Nobody will understand it
Who are stakeholders & how to ID them?
Change needs to happen WITH people and FOR people
Stakeholders Registry and Involvement
Sample registry:
Usefully assessment tool:
Find out what everybody wants (interviews, observation, emails, questionnaires, surveys, etc.)
Document it!
What is actually going to be part of the project.
It defines project boundaries.
Deliverable/ Exclusion
Develop Project Plan/Schedule
Method to the Madness:
1. Define Activities
2. Sequence Activities
3. Estimate Activity Resources
4. Estimate Activity Duration
5. Develop Schedule
Risk Management
Project Communication Planning & Management
If you forget all I said, just remember this:
Tool: RTM - Requirements Traceability Matrix
Things that can go wrong - Prepare Response
Tool: Risk Registry
* PM Network July, 2013, Volume 27, Number 7, p. 17
Manage Stakeholders and their Expectations
Actively manage stakeholders expectations by negotiating and influencing their desire to achieved the goal (keep eyes on the ball, and limit distractions)
Addressing concerns that have not become issues yet, usually related to the anticipation of future problems
Clarifying and resolving issues that have been identified
Type of communication: push vs. pull
Communication focused vs. message focused
In situations of uncertainty, like change, be the one that embraces it, and manages it
Have a plan & a process to manage change
All you do, do
people, not TO people
Remember to stay within the scope, but be flexible
With project management you can make change a success. Take it step-by-step.
Olga Lech, PMP
Measurable project objectives and success criteria
High level requirement

High level assumptions
Summary budget
Stakeholders List
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