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The Center

No description

Blake Becker

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The Center

Questions We have for you The Center THE CENTER Meet our Staff Brand Identity Scheduling Strategies Promotions Advertising Convergence culture Distribution Demographics Residuals Summer Time Time Slot The Importance By: Blake Becker Imran Naim Solace Collestan Stanley Chu Unity and Diversity Across Generations . . .
And Bingo Night Welcome to the James Spalding Sr. Senior Center Jason Reid
Position: Nurse, RN
Big, Sensitive Teddy-Bear Arin Ansari
Position: Activities Director
Professional, MAA
Asexual Erica Pham
Position: Receptionist
Convergence The Supervisor
Position: Supervisor
Unknown How can we be confident that we can rely on your network to consistently retain your income while you reserve the right to "force potential advertisers to reshoot commercials"? While you "allow [writers] nearly full use of their imagination," what are the specific "restrictions" for race, gender roles and/or sexual orientation? Advertising Residuals Innovation Thematic vs. Slapstick High Quality Flashbacks Dynamic Ensemble Audience Choice Re-runs? Cross Generational Perspective Your statement referred to focusing on small shows with very strong dedicated fan bases, however, at the same time, you say that shows that have greater ratings will have greater promotional attention. What does this mean for your line up, and for our show? "Culture is studied through looking at a large group of people and not individuals."
~GTAL What We Need Time Slot One-Hour Format 7 9 Between Why You Need Us GENERATIONAL DIVERSITY FAMILY VALUES CULTURAL UNITY INNOVATION How you can help us help you The Center Grab your walker it's gonna be a wild ride!
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