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Fashion And The City

No description

Susi Draey

on 11 January 2014

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Transcript of Fashion And The City

Fashion And The City

Brand and Logo
My brand will have prices similar to Accessorize, Claires, River Island and New Look.
Product:- Jewelery
Target Audience*
Part-time job (New Look)
Lives in North-West London
Earns £500 a month
Lives with her parents.
Working class
Loves music (Hip-Hop & House)
Likes to party & Socialize
Likes to shop at:
River Island
New Look
Top Shop

Prices will be affordable to people in my target audience i.e students, part-time employees, working class, 16-26years. Prices;
Here!, Locations for photo shoot!
Shopping Centers
Coffee shops
Piccadilly Circus
Trafalgar Square
Social Media Channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Create an official website for my brand
Leaflets, fliers and adverts at bus stops etc...
- Examples
Place - Where will I sell the product?
Expensive looking jewelery
Eye catching jewelery
High class
I personally really like jewelery because in my opinion behind every piece of jewelery there is a deeper meaning than the message that is portrayed through just the shape, colour or price of the item.
Rings for example usually represent love because we link them to marriages. When someone loses their wedding ring they get really upset, not because of how much it cost, but because of what it meant to them and/or the person who gave it to them.
The whole point of fashion is self expression and jewelery does the biggest job of all because without jewelery an outfit would be plain, boring and meaningless.
River Island's jewelery is one of my favourites because they have different styles, shapes and very colourful jewelery which are very eye catching, they look great and they are affordable.
NewLook has a nice jewelery section too, they usually sell golden jewelery and I personally prefer gold because it goes with most colours and looks more expensive. NewLook manages to make their products with high quality and still affordable.
Claires has a variety therefore you can always find what you're looking for and that's what I really like about them because they always know what their costumers buy into because their items change every season and they never let down their costumers. Claires prices vary, they can be quite pricy sometimes but also have a large collection of lovely jewelery which is affordable; to my target audience especially.
I want my product to be sold online and in our own stores which will be located in shopping centers and malls, we might also have branches in different department stores. For example like how Dorothy Perkins can be found in Debenhams and my brand, Bling, will also then be found in department stores.
We will have an official website were you can do online shopping and there will be a lot of pictures on the site too, images that I have taken at my locations and that I use in my adverts will be used as backgrounds for the website.
Necklaces =
Earrings =
Bracelets =
Rings =
What's next?
I will now go ahead and shoot the images I want as my research and might later use them to advertise for my website, use those images on my website and magazines...
... Where will I do the photo shoot??
Here are some more..
What's next? ..... A Practice shoot!
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