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The Six Day War

No description

Aly Baky

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of The Six Day War

what the hell just happened?

The Six Day War
Aly, Changwook
June 5th - June 11th 1967
The war occured because the Arab
states didn't want the establishment of an Israeli state.

Egyptian President Nasser called upon Arab nations to destroy Israel. Egypt and Syria joined forces. Jordan later on joined the Arab Force. While Israel had the U.S as it's allies.

Israel responded by taking over the West Bank, Sinai, Golan Heigths, the Gaza Strip, and parts of Jerusalem .
Who Participated in The War?
Who had the Advantage
The joint Arab force had overwhelming amount of numbers of military equipment and soldiers.
However Israel had less troops but they had more advanced weapons and technoligies compared to the Arabs.
How it Started
The Bombing of the Egyptian Air Bases
Israel had a very big disadvantage. Their army was so small compared to the joint Arab forces that the Israeli army had to deal with each country individually.
Later on Israel thought to have a chance in this war was to gain air superiority.
Israel later on attacked the Egyptian air bases after numorous trainings;
The Israeli air force would aim for the runways to prevent the Egyptian air force to take off to launch attacks
Invasion of the Sinai
With Israel having a small army. Israel had to concentrate all their force on Egypt to invade the Sinai peninsula.
Israel had a hard time to find how to fight in the desert
Later on Israel gathered intelligence of the Sinai desert and found parts of deserts that can be trafficable for military vehicles
Israel later on started to use Napalm as a weapon to destroy tanks. Because of their heavy loesses the Egyptian army was ordered to retreat;
Invasion of the Golan Heights
Israel had a hard time to invade the Golan Heights.

The Golan Heights is a range of mountain that had Syrian armies bunkers everywhere.

The Goland Heights has a hard defence system to get through, due to all the artillery in the bunker that are unable to be spotted easily and natural volcanic rocks that stops the advance.
Israel had a spy named Cohen that was a Jewish Arab Egyptian that moved to Israel and became of spy. To spy Syria
Cohen contributed greatly on Israel to win the Golan Heights. He was close friends with the general of Syria and visited the Golan Heights. Gathering information about it. Later on he was caught while transmitting a code to Israel by Syria and got hung
Arab Forces:

Israeli Forces:
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The Outcome:
Israel gained:

The Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip from Egypt.

Golan Heights from Syria.

East Jerusalem and West bank from Jordan

Israel Tripled its size.

Jordan vs Israel
Jordan was a fairly easy opponent for Israel.
Within few hours Israel was able to take over East Jerusalem and the West Bank
The Israeli forces beat the Arab forces on both fronts taking over the Sinai peninsula, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Golan Heights and a part of Jerusalem. Israel had tripled in size.
The Six Day War took place on many fronts such as the:
-The Sinai Peninsula
-Golan Heights
-Jerusalem/West Bank
Long Term Effects:
The 1967 war led to the 1973 6th of October, which later led to Camp David Treaty, which made Egypt the first Arab nation to sign a peace treaty with Israel, which later suspended Egypt from the Arab League.
Israel still had to concentrate all its force on Jordan because its size of the army was small
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