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David Hockney


Justin Sun

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of David Hockney

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com David Hockney also did some painting when he was going to art school. David Hockney David like to take seperate pictures an then put them all togather.He would take multiple shots of the same picture. _David Hockney is born in Bradford, Yorkshire, on 9 July, the son of Kenneth and Laura Hockney and
the fourth of five children ,(Paul, Philip, Margaret, David and John). In 2000 he Begins writing a book about his research and theories on old masters use of mechanical devices. During the summer, in London, begins paintings of his garden and continues work on his book. In 1961 he first visits to the United States. In1982/84
Makes first composite Polaroids and photographic collages -He studys chinese scrolls george rowleys principals.

In 1983 he Begins to study Chinese scrolls and reads George Rowley’s Principals of Chinese Paintings designs sets for the ballet, Varii Capricci.
In 1971 he
Travels to Japan. Film David Hockney's Diaries made by Michael and Christian Blackwood. David Hockney he was famous for his paintings and his multple pictures. END OF SLIDE SHOW! s -This is not him as a baby but this would be his face when he comes to the united states . David Hockneys quote The art school he went to. (b Bradford, 9 July 1937). English painter, printmaker, photographer and stage designer.
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