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Cheer leading

No description

Shanzay Ali

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Cheer leading

Cheer leading is a combination of dance and gymnastics/acrobatics. It is also a sport! It has elements like: tumbling(somersaults) and flips...
Hey Guys, Today we will be talking about
The History
Cheer leading started in 1877. It started out by students shouting cheers from the stands. Not until a student named Johnny Campbell started cheering did they start being called cheer leaders.
Cheer Leading Teams
The different teams for cheer leading are: middle school, high school (varsity/junior varsity), all star, and professional.
For cheer leading, the materials they use are:
Cheer leading stunt straps
Full up Machine
Bruise MD
Knee bands
Tumbl Trak Balance Disk
Back Handspring Trainer

Original uniform
In the 1960s, they would wear
Long wool skirts
Sweater tops
long cardigans
Modern Uniform
Today, cheer leaders wear:
Body suits/ body liner
Full Shell
Halter Shell
Crop Top/midriff
Cheer Shoes
The only rule cheer leading has is a no body piercing rule (i.e. belly piercings) and a tattoo cover up rule
The positions for cheerleaders are:
Bases and spotters
Main base
What is competitive cheerleading?
Competitive cheerleading is when cheer squads compete against each other at a competition. At a typical cheerleading competition, teams perform a 2 and a half minute routine with music that includes stunts, jumps, tumbling. Teams are judged by a panel of cheerleading experts on difficulty and execution. The winner in each division gets a trophy and bragging rights.
Why are there mascots?
The school mascot is typically a symbol of pride for the school. Mascots tend to be either animals or warrior type characters. Mascots are part of the spirit squad or cheerleading department. Several students traditionally play the mascot, especially in the case of university mascots. High schools often choose one or two students to represent the school through the mascot uniform.
Dangers of cheer leading
The risks of cheerleading were highlighted when Kristi Yamaoka, a cheerleader for Southern Illinois University, suffered a fractured vertebra when she hit her head after falling from a human pyramid.
Cheerleading capital
of USA
The Cheerleading capital of the US is Texas. Texas is also where a mother was accused of hiring a hitman to kill her daughter’s rival in competition.
Fun facts
In the beginning all Cheerleaders were men.

83% of all Cheerleaders have a 'B' grade point average or better. Homework Tips from our Parenting Teens Guide.
80% of schools in the US have Cheerleading squads. The most popular sport for Cheerleading is football.
62% of Cheerleaders are involved in a second sport.
Some of the most common Cheerleading injuries are broken arms and busted lips.
Cheer Leading Records
Mikayla Clark did 44 backflips in a row
The Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation has the record for highest cheerleading basket toss

Toronto has cheerleaders for its various sports teams!
The Toronto Raptor's cheerleaders are called "The Dance Pak"
Literature also plays a big role in cheerleading.
Cheerleaders must memorize and recite several chants while they
do their routine.
a very famous chant is;
who do we appreciate?"
Thank you for listening to our project about cheerleading. we hope you learned the basics and other facts
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