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Genoa, Italy

About the city of Genoa in the renissance

Piper Hettle

on 11 January 2011

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Transcript of Genoa, Italy

Click anywhere & add an idea Genoa, Italy Trade and trade routes. genoa was a valued
importer of riches and new
products They mainly traded ,wool, silk, skins, honey and wood carvings Genoa dominated the trade in the Eastern Mediterranean Over the years Genoa developed
long distant trade routes Geography With the mountains and the
water both on our side
it makes us very diffcult to be attacked *We are here* Warfare genoa would use mining or sapping. this is where they dig tunnels under walls of castles or fortress. genoa also used artillery bombardment. This is where you through anything over a castel to cause harm genoa had many different weapons such as the Helepolis clothing the rich wore fabrics like; velvet, satin ant cotton the poor wore flannel and other cheap fabrics Men wore boots,pants, a shirt, a vest, and a hat women wore, shoes and over a under skirt, a shirt, bocdie, and a hat or snood. chirldern after a few years would wear what the adults wore Food many people ate what they could afford Peasants ate what they grew or catched the upper class enjoyed a wide range of food for the upperclassmen meat was a important part of a meal Products that made it famous the birthplace of Christopher Columbus genoa had the most inportant port in the eastern mediterranean The La Lanterna,was a lighthouse built in 1543 Genoa was famous for trading honey, and fabrics Rulers of Genoa For many years noble familes fought for control over Genoa One of the two rulers are the
Habsburges The other one was the voles History Genoa won a battle between Venice Between 1339 and 1528, Genoa sufferd from political conflict and civil war Genoa was once a small fishing city that grew into the most inportant port in Italy fish was an important part of the upperclassmen diet corn, are some exmples of vegetabl-ea they ate Art The name Genoa came from the word 'Genua when the citys economy grew the city grew with it The architecture is some of the best in the world because Genoa was famous for its ports their was not much art
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