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Hipmunk Facebook Campaign

Hipmunk's Facebook campaign turns you into a hand-drawn chipmunk.

Natalia Freeman

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Hipmunk Facebook Campaign

Facebook Campaign Hipmunk is an online flight and hotel search engine. The Campaign The Company Hipmunk partnered with Reddit's most prestegious artist sure_ill_draw_that, for their Facebook campaign. The campaign launched April 6th. From 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM Facebook users "liked" Hipmunk's facebook page. Users also requested to be "hipmunked" at the location of their choice on Hipmunk's wall. The artist from Reddit hand-drew the first 500 people as Hipmunks in their requested destination envoronment, and then tagged them in the illustration on Facebook. The Results 2,679 Facebook users responded The Hipmunks Questions for Discussion How do you feel about the approach that Hipmunk took to promoting themselves? Have you ever heard of a company using Facebook to do something like this? Do you feel that this idea was too cheesy? Since this was just done openly on Facebook and was conducted by word-of-mouth, or rather word-of-wall, there was no specific target audience. Do 2,679 Facebook "likes" seem like a success for such a little-known company? Source Mashable
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