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ESL Students will learn the importance of oceans and key vocabulary and phrases.

Tyler M

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Oceans

Welcome Class! Can you guess what we are talking about today? The Ocean!! We are learning new words and phrases about the Ocean Let's get started! We will also learn why our ocean is important, and what we can do to help protect it. What ocean is near you? 97% Did you know? 97% of all the water on Earth comes from the ocean Did you know that 71% of the Earth's surface is the Ocean? That's a lot of water! 71% Indian Ocean Can you name the 5 Oceans of the Earth? Arctic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Southern Ocean (Pacific Ocean) Oceans provide us with food, water, and helps keep our planet healthy! Our oceans are important..... What are some key words about Oceans? There are many reasons why Oceans are important for people and life on Earth, here are just a few: Why are oceans important? tropical oxygen 1. Oceans provide us with a lot of our oxygen, food, and even some medicines. 2. Oceans are home to over 200,000 species of plants and animals! There are also a lot more we haven't found yet! habitat Every year, there is an Ocean Day to help remind people to protect our oceans and keep them clean. Let's watch this video to learn more! Also, there are seas. Seas are part of Oceans, they are like smaller Oceans. When is World Ocean Day? June 8th! Let's learn how we can celebrate Ocean Day together! 3. Oceans are important for our climate and weather. Without oceans, our climate would be impossible to live in! atmosphere climate reef seafood waves sand species littering electricity recycling over-fish Different ways to have fun and protect our Oceans People can have fun on Ocean Day, and also protect our Oceans We can have fun playing in the sand, swimming in the waves, or looking at the tropical fish and reefs! Do you like seafood? Seafood comes from the Ocean. A healthy Ocean means healthy, tasty seafood for people to enjoy Throwing away trash properly, and recycling most of our waste. Remember, no littering! Use less electricity and energy! Try to ride a bike instead of taking the bus or driving Do not over-fish or do harmful (bad) things (littering, dump chemicals) to any type of water around us such as lakes, streams, the sea, rivers, and of course, Oceans! Make sure to follow along and help eachother out! Let's finish our worksheets together in teams! Each team will give a short presentation on Oceans and what they have learned today.
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