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Prevent Now

4 types of abuse and importance of training.

Kimberly James

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Prevent Now

Except for murder, Child Sexual Abuse is the most expensive victim crime in the U.S
How does Child Abuse affect our Community?
More than Emotions
As important as the human side of child sexual abuse is the impact it has on society as a whole

Each and every one of us feels the economic impact of child sexual abuse

The immediate and tangible costs of intervention and treatment for a single incident of substantiated child sexual abuse are $14,345.
Physical Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Psychological Abuse

4 Main Types of Child Abuse
The non-accidental physical injury of a child.
Immersion in scalding water

Results in bruises, welts, broken bones, scars, or serious internal injuries.
Physical Abuse
Strange explanations of the following:
Bruises ( in various stages of healing )
Burns, especially cigarette burns or immersion burns
Fractures, lacerations, or abrasions
Swollen areas

Also, Evidence of delayed or inappropriate treatment for injuries.
Physical Abuse Indicators
Emotional Abuse
Psychological Harm
Emotional Abuse is a repeated pattern of behavior or extreme incidents.
Conveys to children that they are:
Emotional Abuse Indicators
Emotional Abuse may be name calling, insults, put downs, etc.

Or it may be terrorizing, isolation, humiliation, rejection, corruption, ignoring:
Speech Disorders
Delayed Physical Development
Substance Abuse
Ulcers, Asthma, Severe Allergies
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Abuse is the exploitation of a child or the sexual gratification of an adult or significantly older child.

Sexual Abuse can include both physical and non-physical contact.
Sexual Abuse Indicators
Obscene language
Online Conversations
Oral Sex
Torn, stained bloody underclothes
Pain, swelling or itching in genital area
Difficulty walking or sitting
Bruises or bleeding in genital area
Venereal Disease
Frequent urinary or yeast infections
Sexual Abuse Behavioral Indicators
Excessive Seductiveness
Role Reversal, overly concerned for siblings
Massive weight gain
Suicide Attempts (esp. adolescents)
Inappropriate Sex Play or Premature Understanding of Sex
Threatened by Physical Contact, Closeness
Physical Neglect is the withholding of, or failure to provide a child with the basic necessities of life such as:
Medical Care
Attention to Hygiene
Supervision needed for optimal physical growth and development
Neglect Indicators
Unattended medical needs
Consistent lack of supervision
Consistent hunger
Inappropriate dress
Poor Hygiene
Lice, distended stomach, emaciated
Inadequate nutrition
Neglect Behavioral Indicators
Regularly displays fatigue or listlessness (falling asleep in class)
Steals food, begs from classmates
Reports that no caretaker is at home
Frequently absent or tardy
Self destructive
School dropout (adolescents)
Extreme loneliness and need for affection
Even if you were not sexually abused as a child…
Even if no one in your family was sexually abused…
Child Sexual Abuse impacts your life.
These expenses are largely paid for by the public sector –
the taxpayer.
In fact, the U.S. spends
$3.4 billion annually for the immediate costs of child sexual abuse.
Sullivan County
, the direct and immediate costs of child sexual abuse are nearly
$1.4 million dollars
The fact that child sexual abuse is a root cause of many other devastating and expensive societal problems.
For instance, 60% of first teen pregnancies are preceded by an incident of child sexual abuse.
Who Pays???
You do.
Our Initial Goal
Our goal is to train 6,000 adults in 5years
So far, 275 adults have been trained over the last year.
This year, our goal is to train 1,000+ by October 2014.

5 target groups
Schools and educational institutions
Faith centers
Youth-serving organizations
Youth sports organizations
Also great success with municipalities
Recreation centers

Who should attend?
Opened in 1991 as the first Children’s Advocacy Center in Tennessee
Private, Non-Profit Organization
Serves as a therapeutic model
Developed in response to the need for a program that is child-focused and child-friendly
Professionals come to the child rather than the child going to the professionals
Consistent and compassionate support for the child and non-offending caregivers
Children's Advocacy Center
of Sullivan County
Child Protective Investigative Team
Also known as CPIT

The different disciplines work together within a coordinated multidisciplinary team to lead the investigation of alleged child abuse

The professionals who work on the teams receive specialized training

Meetings twice a month:
1 for Bristol, TN
1 for Kingsport, TN
A report of Child Abuse is made through the hotline

Department of Children's Services makes a referral

The child is interviewed by the forensic interviewer

The case and interview results are processed at the CPIT meeting

If case is eligible, the client continues through counseling
How it works:
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