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Freshman Project

No description

Joseph Esposito

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Freshman Project

"D" Collage Delbarton Freshman Project 2013 By Joseph Esposito Mind Body Spirit Mind
Spirit Incorporates all aspects of the Delbarton life
Has sports, arts, and regular lifestyle
Shows the Delbarton logo of the "D"
Promotes the schools passion about everything Delbarton
Shows how all of Delbarton students are companions and work together Delbarton as a whole
Everyone in the "D" composes Delbarton in real life
Shows one body of Delbarton, including all different types of people and perspectives
Someone who sees this can recognize the involvement and dedication that these students have Lifts the emotions of people who view it
Comprised of people of different races, ethnicities, sports group, etc...
Shows how anyone can fit into Delbarton
The "D" in particular
Raises the knowledge that Delbarton is a friendly, accepting place Motivation / Reason Why did I do this? Inspiration I belong to Delbarton's Archway Club
Take photos throughout the year
Passionate about art (any art form)
Realized that I could combine two forms of art
Pictures and "coloring/drawing" to create a masterpiece
Good at math
Used this to find sizes, lengths, anything related
Tech savvy
Enjoy using and working with computers (photoshop) How does this project
differ from others? Creative and informing
Has own personal feel and vibe to it
Expresses my emotion rather than some science project
How did I do it? Hours of planning
Prepare for picture sizes, board sizes, means of putting boards together, vertical or horizontal pictures (both?) Photoshop (part 1)
Input all images to Photoshop to create a basic layout of the project Photoshop (part 2)
Edit and tint color of photos (each individual photo-about 4 hours)
Two trips
1st of 190 photos (some of which were not good to use)
2nd of 45 photos (some of which were not good to use) Put boards together (9 squares)
Used outdoor double-sided tape to add wood planks to frame
Then added electrical tape to all creases later
Place photos atop boards
Undo self adhesive for each of the 9 squares
Put on pictures! (cut out ones to make wave) And Finally! (view from balcony) What is "Prezi"
Prezi is a website for users who want to create projects that are not power-points
They are plain and boring while Prezis show creativity and allow you to do what you want
Many features that ordinary slides wouldn't have, such as jumping around and diving into more information Thank You! Questions?
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