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Basil Hallward - Dorian gray

silly English presentation

Peter Cooper

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Basil Hallward - Dorian gray

Basil Hallward Who is he? Basil's Role in the story How Basil might be seen to link with Wilde in an autobiographical way Basil's Relationship with Dorian Key Basil Quotes Basil's Relationship with Lord Henry Basil's Relationship with Sybil Vane Basil is a deeply moral, upper-class artist who believes in the core values of mankind. He has faith throughout the book in values such as beauty truth and love, which eventually leads to his downfall since he assumes that because Dorian is still beautiful, he is still truthful and loving. Basil meets Dorian at a party and becomes infatuated with him. Dorian becomes Basil's inspiration for his work and in doing so, produces his finest pieces, including the portrait of Dorian. Basil disapproves of Lord Henry's bad influence on Dorian and encourages him to spend less time around Lord Henry. As Dorian becomes more and more indulgent and astray from his original demeanor, Basil disapproves of what's he's becoming, yet he still believes Dorian is good and loving at his core. A mistake that costs him his life. The character Basil Hallward represents Oscar Wilde's own homosexual alter ego. the part of his personality that admires and is attracted to beautiful men. Basil also represents the artist in Wilde and conveys his opinions on beauty and this aesthetic movement in art. Five quotes that represent Basil Hallward Basil has a love for Dorian that began the moment they met and was enforced by Dorian's affect on his work. He wishes to protect Dorian out of affection and wants to shield him from any poor influences. His near-identical portrait produced from this obsession turns out to be his best work, and allows Dorian to sin without consequence. Basil dislikes Lord Henry because he feels that he’s taking Dorian away from him and leading Dorian astray from a moral life and into a life of debauchery. Lord Henry strives to do this anyway, despite it being against Basil’s wishes. Basil is so naïve that he forgives Lord Henry and ignores the affair. Basil dislikes the idea of Dorian getting married and thus has distaste for Sybil. He feels that marriage will take Dorian away from him and subject him to a life he does not want (though this is what Basil believes, and may not be Dorian’s view on the engagement) Chp. 1“An artist should create beautiful things, but should put nothing of his own life into them” As he is talking to Lord Henry, Basil states this. This quote emphasises the value that Basil has on art and how he sees it: as a force to evoke visual pleasure, but should be nothing more than that. They are identical to Wilde’s. One could compare the character Brian Griffin on the TV show Family Guy as a modern version of this style of character that purposefully represents the author’s view by representing a depiction of them. It allows them to openly express their opinion without referring to themselves. Chp. 1 “It is not merely that I paint him...he is much more than a model or a sitter” Basil once again relates the concepts of art and its influence to Dorian’s appearance. Dorian’s critical role in Basil’s world is repeated and stressed to reinforce its significance to Wilde. By relating these two and repeating it, he quite clearly draws the link between the concepts. This is integral to understanding Basil’s role as his primary purpose is to enforce the aesthetic values that Wilde held. Chp. 1 “Don't spoil him. Don't try to influence him. Your influence would be bad.” This quite bluntly emotes both Basil’s feeling towards Dorian and Henry. He does not want Henry to alter Dorian’s style and personality to match his own, and tells Harry very directly. He wishes Dorian to remain ‘flawless’ as he is because he cares so much for him to retain the essence of beauty that he has expressed in his works. Chp. 7 “This marriage is quite right. I did not think so at first, but I admit it now. The gods made Sybil Vane for you. Without her you are incomplete” This quote helps illustrate the opinion of Basil and his reasoning. He comes to terms with Dorian’s engagement to Sybil despite being distraught at first with the news. His acceptance is of a strained nature as it is clear that he still desires Dorian to remain single so as to not “spoil him”. It ultimately shows that Basil is good-natured and does not want his opinion to conflict with the interest of his friend. Chp. 13 “The prayer of your repentance will be answered also. I worshipped you too much. I am punished for it. You worship yourself too much. We are both punished.” Basil’s sense of morality is very visible in this. He realises that worship of the beauty attained by Dorian’s selfish prayer will only lead to suffering further on. He is God’s advocate, setting the story straight on what is to become of them for their deviance in believing solely in beauty’s value and not of others. He ends realising this too late, and after begging Dorian to pray for his redemption, ends up paying for it with his life. FIN
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