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The Matrix

No description

Nicole Ramsey-Smith

on 10 January 2011

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Transcript of The Matrix

Tests, Allies, and Enemies Approach Meeting with the Mentor Call To Adventure Neo recieves a message to "follow the rabbit." He does so, and receives his Call to Adventure. When neo decides to "stumble down the rabbit hole" he meets Morpheus for the first time. What he does not know at this point is that Morpheus is wise and can teach him the ways of the world he will soon be entering. Crossing the Threshold The Ordinary World Neo has a job, a home, and even a different name. Before he receives the Call to Adventure, he lives in the Ordinary World.
Tests, Enemies, and Allies The Innermost Cave:
The Second Threshold The Ordeal The Reward The Next Call to Adventure Which pill would you take? Helpers: Morpheus as the Wise Elder The Matrix: The story of Neo, a hero. Neo is the hero in The Matrix as described by the Hero's Journey. His adventure follows the steps in the Journey and he ends his adventure as an accomplished hero. BY: Zack McLain, Zach Leeper, and Nicole Ramsey-Smith Good Helpers: Bad Helpers: Trinity
The Oracle Cypher
Mr. Smith
Neo enters the car and is taken to Morpheus, who offers him a choice. He takes the red pill and enters the "special world" a.k.a. the real world. Neo prepares for the ordeal with training programs and encounters enemies and friends. Which pill would you take? Neo visits the Oracle, who leads him to believe he is not the one. Morpheus is captured by the agents, and neo goes to rescue him. The Resurrection Neo dies in the Matrix at the hands of an agent, therefore he dies in the real world. Trinity's love brings him back to life. Neo now has the power to control the Matrix. He knows he is the One and will continue to fight the Matrix. After the Ordeal, Neo is shown speaking on a pay phone. He says he will continue to try and stop the Matrix, his next call to adventure. Morpheus almost immediately becomes a
wise elder figure. He offers Neo the choice
and tells him about the Real world. He shows him the Desert of Real, and helps to train him in the ways of the Matrix. WORKS CITED Richardson, Chris. "The Matrix as the Hero's Journey." Theosophical Society n. pag. Web. 10 Jan 2011. <http://www.theosophical.org/publications/quest-magazine/1507>. Soon, Alvin. "The Hero's Journey." Life Coaches Blog. 2006. Web. 10 Jan 2011. <http://lifecoachesblog.com/wp-content/files/theherosjourney.pdf>. Wolf, Christof. "The Hero's Journey Between Illusion and Reality." N.p., 2004. Web. 10 Jan 2011. <http://www.hfph.mwn.de/~chwolf/the_heros_journey_between_illusion_and_reality.pdf>. Levone, . "The Matrix Hero Cycle." Documents for Small Businesses and Professionals. N.p., 15 Nov 2009. Web. 10 Jan 2011. <http://www.docstoc.com/docs/16404207/The-Matrix>.
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