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Turkish history

No description

emma blythe

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Turkish history

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli mustafa kemal takes the surname ataturk which means father turk and was forbidden to anyone else. 1934 Mustfa Kemal Ataturk dies 1938 The state funeral for Mustafa Kemal occurred in both Istanbul and Ankara on November 21, 1938. state funeral for mustafa kemal 1923- 1939 1923 A new pariliment got rid of sultans. Mustafa Kemal leads several reforms like womens equal rights, secular goverment, prohibitiion of the veil and fez, new alphabet, new city names, and surname adoption. Turkey was neutral until several months before the end of the war. 1947-1955 turkey in WW2 1928 In 1939 Turkey signed a mutual aid pact with Germany 1946-1950 institution of a multi-party democracy. After World War II 1946-1975 turkey becomes a secular state and takes Islam as state religon out of the constitution. Mustafa Kemal Mustafa Kemal was a highly powered official in the ottoman empire and is considered the fonder of The Republic of Turkey 1933 Mustafa Kemal give a speech on the 10 year anniversary of The Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal at the 10th anniversary speeach Republic of Turkey forms 1950 republic's first open elections, won by opposition democratic party. 1952 Turkey abandons Ataturk's neutralist policy and joins NATO 1962 1965 1971 After lots of political violence Suleyman Demirel is forced to resign. Suleyman Demirel is elected prime minister for the 7th time. 1974 Turkish troops invade the northern regions of cyprus. New constitution has a two chamber parliament. Suleyman Demirel Turks invading Cyprus 1975- 2012 Up to Now 1982 New constitution makes laws for a seven-year presidency, and reduces parliament only 1 house 1987 Turkey applies for a EEC membership 1999 2 large earthquakes kills 1,800 of the Turkish population. 2000 Ahmet Necdet Sezer becomes president. 2002 Men are no longer have to be considered head of the family giving women more eqality 66 years after womens rights was passed. 2004 Turkey signs protocol which states that the death penalty shall not be used under any circumstances. 1984 kurdish rebels or PKK take up arms against turkey , fighting for an independent state amongst themselves. PKK EEC european economic community 2010 151 people are trailed with being linked to the Kurdish rebels Ahmet Necdet In 1945 turkey declares war on Germany and Japan, but takes no part in the conflict. sources http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/1023189.stm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkey https://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi Quick Write for Turkey We learned a lot about Turkey while making this Prezi presentation. All that we learned we put in this presentation.We hope you learned as much as we did from our presentation. Now please get out a piece of notebook paper and do a quick write including at least 5 thing you learned. NATOs flag Standards that we Addressed 7.h.1.1
7.e.1.3 7.e.1.4
7.c.1.1 Emma Turkey Basics Location -Turkey is located in both Asia and Europe
-Is consider in the Mediterranean region
-39 degrees N 35 degrees E some things to know before we begin Map Size -area is 783,562 sq km
- 769,632 sq km of the area is land 13,930 sq km is water
- Turkey is slightly larger than Texas Climate - summers are hot and dry
-mild wet winters Flag Government - the type is republican parliamentary democracy
-independent since 29 October 1923
-constitution 7 November 1982 Hagia Sophia This the most popular mosque in Istanbul Culture - The official language is Turkish
- The main religion is Islam
- the population is 79,749,461 Turkish History By:Amanda, Brittney , Emma Across
2. a policy that was broken 1952
4. the turkish capitiol
5. european economic community
6. a group of kurds that took arms in 1984
1. the main religon of turkey
3. this country was establish in 1923
4. this man was the frist turkish leader Turkish History Crossword Eğer sunum veda zevk ve teşekkürler umarım hope you enjoyed our presentation goodbye and thank you
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