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tom mandich

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Michael Fullan
Motion Leadership Chapter 1: Motion Leadership
What we were doing in our work was helping leaders “move” individuals, instructions, and whole system forward.
Motion leadership in Movies (MLM)
The video would use motion, visuals, video, streams, tools, instruments, and ideas to bring change alive and enable the participant to become immersed in action.
The skinny on Motion Leadership- unadorned facts-the core unobscured essence of the matter Eight Elements: 1.Change Problems
2.Change Itself
3.Connecting peers with purpose
4.Capacity building trumps judgmentalism
5.Learning the work
6.Transparency rules
7.Love, trust and resistance
8.Leadership for all Chapter 2: The goal of all change leaders in these situations is to get movement in an improved direction Chapter 3: Relationships (too fast/too slow)
Honour the implementation dip
Beware of fat plans
Behaviours before beliefs
Communication during implementation is paramount
Learn about implementation during implementation
Excitement prior to implementation is fragile
Take risks and learn
It is okay to be assertive Connecting Peers with Purpose Chapter 4: Chapter 5: Capacity Building Trumps Judgementalism Chapter 6: Learning is the Work Chapter 7: Transparency Rules Chapter 8: Change Itself Change Problem Chapter 9: Leadership for All The Skinny on Becoming Change Savvy The Skinny Example:
Jaime Oliver High profile chef in London England

Was able to transform the food served to students in the Greenwich School District of London England affecting 60 schools. He set out to change the eating habits of childern in one school only to meet a number of road blocks from staff that wanted Status Quo. Parents smuggling food through the fence.

Eventual, after enormous effort, experiencing some success in one school Love,Trust and Resistance Top-down change doesn't work-people resist when leaders try to tighten things up. The best way to tighten things up is to get peers involved

Describe a time when you felt that you were driving change from within. How did your leader engage you at that time? Capacity building concerns the knowledge, skills, and disposition of people individuallybut especially collectively.

Judgmentalism means preceiving something that not working and unwittingly conveying a negative or pejorative message. There is only one way to get depth and that is through learning in the setting in which you work

Todays relentless consistency is tomorrow's innovation and tomorrow's innovation is the next days relentless consistency Transparency is about openness of results (deprivatization of practice).
Relationship between transparency and judgementalism.
Openness - "Strategy for Improvement" (micro level, school level, macro level)
Change-savvy leaders know that you can't directly make people change, but can create a system where positive change is virtually inevitable.
Transparency is risk taking, but if done well and persistently, the gains outweighs the cost. Love - (Theory Y) There is a central tendency in most people to respond according to how they are treated.
Trust - integrity (sincerity, reliability, honesty) and competence (skill, effectiveness). Both required. Have to earn it through demonstration of both.
-trust strengthens moral committment and shared purpose.
Resistence - Quite often, resisters have a kernal of truth that might be missed if we don't listen and seek different opinions.
-Idea is to maximize trust and effectiveness in order to reduce resistance to a minimum.
e.g. Ernest Shackleton
"Learn to combine love, trustworthiness, and empathetic but firm handling of resistance, and you will be rewarded by the speed of change. Complex becomes simply powerful." Becoming change savvy makes you more confident and humble at the same time.
In this respect, leaders have two responsibilities: to be always learning and refining the skinny of change and to realize that they have an equal responsibility to teach others the same.
Resolute leadership is morally driven, but it is also change-savvy driven.
Motion leadership changes context for the very reason that context is everything. http://www.ted.com/talks/jamie_oliver.htm
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