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Who is Mustafa Las ???

No description

mustafa hawezi

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Who is Mustafa Las ???

Who is Mustafa Las ???
Name: Mustafa L. Hawezi
Age: 22 years
6th grade student ( stager ) in Hawler Medical University
Active since : August 2011 ( August Meeting in Denmark )

-Attended 2 General Assemblies
-Attended all national assemblies of IFMSA-Kurdistan.
-Actively participated in the exchanges of IFMSA Kurdistan.
-Made 3 active local committees ready for hosting students.
-Participated in the making of IFMSA Wiki-Pages
-participated in National Health Festival 2012
and much more.
Plans for this term
1. Trying to provide continuous budget ===> more independency
2.Sustainable national and transnational projects.
3.Trying to reach kirkuk and involve it to the IFMSA-Kurdistan family.
4.Involving IFMSA-Kurdistan in international IFMSA events.
5.Promote IFMSA-Kurdistan through publication and social network
My Vision
is to put good basis to host the EMR and the general assembly in Kurdistan even if it's not in my period.
1.Because IFMSA showed me the true meaning of volunteering and it changed my life literary
2.Right now IFMSA is the only way for medical students here to have the best of their life and learn things no book can teach ( except community books ;-) ).
And for me personally i started with the beginning of IFMSA and it was such an honour and i want to participate STRONGLY to make it even more great
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