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No description

Julia Beyke

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Swimming

Swimming By: Julia and Shelbie Some health benefits of swimming are cardio, muscle strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. I think that swimming is a great sport .
It is a great relief for me to stop thinking about the bad things in my life but to enjoy the good things.
Shelbie Fitness Benefits: Challenges Enjoyments I become friends with some really good swimmers. The swimmers I meet tell me what I can do to help me do better at swim and have a good relationships with some really good people. When I'm swimming and see my friends, waiting at the other end cheering me on it makes me feel more confident that I beat every swimmer out there (which doesn't happen all the time but I try)!

Shelbie Works Cited Swimming will help your cardiovascular system because it works your body's
amount of oxygen w/out overworking
your heart. I think swimming has helped me
physically, mentally, and socially.
Swimming helped me make friends
I didn't even really know. Swimming
has helped me with stress reduction. I love being competitive and I'm always in it to win it so I love swimming!!

Julia Agility (flip turns)
Balance (breathing)
Coordination (stroking)
Power (swimming faster)
Speed (swimming faster)
Reaction Time (starts) During swim, I am able to be
a different person. The person
that tries harder in everything. I try
harder to be nicer to people and swim faster. Therefore, I have a lot of friends in swim. Some are from different towns in Mercer County. I would suggest having friends in swim, because they always have your back, and they can cheer you on, and encourage you, which makes swimming more of an enjoyable sport than it already is. :)

Julia 1. Sometimes, the practice schedule can be hard to work with. 1. You get to hang with your friends a ton.
It's sometimes more a social event then an exercise opportunity. http://www.lifescript.com/diet-fitness/articles/t/the_endless_health_benefits_of_swimming.aspx Swimming helps people get stronger, faster, and helps with endurance. 2. Some strokes are harder than others. 3. You might not always be the fastest. 4. Sometimes there are late nights and early mornings. Our awesome experiences and very smart minds. 2. The food's amazing!!!!
Even though we probably shouldn't be eating a lot of it. 3. Sometimes the coaches joke around during the breaks at meets, which distracts us from how nervous we are. 4. You get the satisfaction of winning sometimes. :) Importance of Swimming It helps you physically, mentally, and socially. By physically, we mean it makes you stronger and faster. By mentally, we mean it makes you more responsible and it is a very good stress reliever. The Values We value swimming because, it helps us in all different sports and it helps us with stress. We also meet so many new people in swim. If your signed up, swim practices
are at this location. Info for St. Henry Swim Team http://maps.google.com/ Expenses The team swim suits usually cost
around forty dollars.
Goggles cost about fifteen
dollars. Swim caps cost seven
to eight dollars. A swim pass is
eighty dollars. To be a part of
the team, you have to pay a five
dollar fee. I would recommend joining the swim team because it is very enjoyable, exercising, and flat out fun. Please consider being a part of our team. Encouragements By: Julia and Shelbie http://vecto.rs/1024/vector-of-happy-girl-swimming-while-wearing-a-hair-cap-by-bnp-design-studio-4224.jpg http://www.clipartof.com/portfolio/toonaday/illustration/cartoon-summer-girl-over-prepared-for-swimming-438667.html http://www.visualphotos.com/photo/2x4582800/synchronised_swimmers_form_a_circle_234600009.jpg http://www.tangled-taters.com/concession.jpg http://mindmillion.com/images/money/01-large-cartoon-cash.gif For more info
call the number at the bottom.
231 Parkview St, St Henry, OH

(419) 678-8494 Pool's phone number By socially we mean you get to meet a lot of good friends, and you get to meet many people from new places. http://www.mountainspringspool.org/Graphics/Pictures/2011/Staff/swim%20friends%20004.jpg Works Cited (continued) http://rlv.zcache.com/laughing_smiley_face_plate-r002e7e24fbdf4a37bb2c0746dc96ec2d_ambb0_8byvr_512.jpg http://www.clker.com/cliparts/b/8/6/m/o/8/swimmer-white-md.png http://www.clker.com/cliparts/b/8/6/m/o/8/swimmer-white-md.png
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