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Keiko Fortune

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of TEL MICROTEACH

Crime scene investigation 9TH GRADE ENGLISH Objective: Assignment time! As a group, your table will designate one person to be the note taker/writer and another person to be the speaker.

Write a short story using the questions on your worksheet as a guide. Based off the contents of your bag make inferences from the items that you, as a detective, found at a crime scene. Be as creative as possible! Reflection
on relevance Why is this lesson relevant to you? Homework! Please take the methods you used in class and apply them at home. Go into any room and pretend it is a crime scene. Search for clues and make inferences about different items. Be detailed and creative. Must be at least 3 paragraphs! Students will be able to use their knowledge of the senses to organize information, make inferences, and write a creative short story. Key terms 5 senses
writer’s block
short story Think-pair-share Next, think of a creative inference of why that item is there or how it got to be in its condition and share with your face partner. Look around the room and choose an item.
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