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Usain Bolt

No description

Dylan O'Grady

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Usain Bolt

P1: Leisure Time

In his leisure time Usain Bolt like to do a lot of work with TV and charity work to build his reputation world wide. This has a positive impact on his career as this leads to sponsorship deals e.g. his multi-million pound deal with Puma. His personality attracts people to watch his races and buy his products (e.g. Puma running shoes) which increases the money created for his sponsors which creates more money for himself. Quotes like "I can go anywhere in the world and say I can beat you" and "the girls" when being asked what was the best thing about being the fastest man in the world increase his popularity and fan base which gets more people watching his races and talking about him. However, because he is such a big name due to his lifestyle, if he slips up and says something inappropriate in a TV interview, his fan base and money income will decrease. Also, because of certain sponsorship deals like his deal with Puma where he must wear Puma clothing in public, if he is then pictured wearing another brand, this will lose his sponsorship deal which would result in a massive decrease in the amount of money he receives.
As Usain Bolt is such a big star, this comes with a huge amount of pressure. He has won 6 gold medals in just 2 Olympic games and 8 gold medals in only 3 world championships, also he has smashed 8 world records in just 4 years which adds pressure for him to keep competing at that high level and to keep on winning. Also as he has launch Jamaican sport into a different space, he holds all the hopes of his country on his shoulders to win and perform well. It has a positive impact on him as he shrugs the pressure off and always looks laid back, relaxed and confident .e.g. joking when being introduce and fist pumping race assistants minutes before the 200m Olympic final. However, these pressure have had a negative impact on his performances as well. The biggest example is when he false started in the 2011 world championships and got disqualified.
Inappropriate Activities

Usain Bolt is a huge role model for young kids growing up and even to some adults, which makes it even more important that he does do any inappropriate activities. This good for his fan base and his money profit as if he is seen as a goof role model more people will support him when competing and also as more people will buy his running shoes and brands products as they will want to be like Usain Bolt. An example, of this is when he does work for charity which will show him in a good light to the public and media. However, if Usain Bolt does something inappropriate this will result in a lose of his fan base and money income as people will stop buying his brand and clothes which will result in a lose of money. An example, of an activity that can be seen as inappropriate is when after his 100m final at London 2012 he invited 4 female swedish volleyball players to his hotel room.
As Usain Bolt is such a megastar this results in a massive financial income. He has so many sponsorship deals and money coming in, that he becomes under pressure to use that money wisely. An example of how this could effect his career in a positive way is because he has so much money he will then be financially secure for the rest of his life, this gives him the opportunity to give back to people less fortunate which create a good image of himself which will increase his fan base. However, if for example he has "more money than sense" and throws his money away on silly things such as gambling, once his career is over he will be in bad position as he will have no way of gaining money. Also, if for example he fails a drugs test and it turns out that he has used performance enhancing drugs before races he will lose sponsorship deals which will result in huge financial lost.
It is very important that Usain Bolt stays in good shape all year round because of the constant training sessions and competitions. If he doesn't stick to a relatively healthy diet he will not be able to train at the best of his ability which will effect his performance in competitions. A way that Usain Bolt's diet has had a positive impact on his career is when he has been in training for the 2008 and 2012 Olympic games he stuck to a strict balanced diet which lead him to becoming the triple Olympic champion at both games. However, his diet has had a negative impact on him when he was injured just before the Jamaican Olympic trials and did not stick to his diet during his recovery, he did compete in the trials but only managed to come second as he was beaten by Yohan Blake.
As Usain Bolt is such a massive worldwide superstar, his conduct is very important. Everything he does can have an effect on his career. For example, when he shown doing a lot of charity work and TV adverts it has a positive impact on his career as it gets him known around the world and boosts his popularity. His boost in popularity creates more money for him as more people will buy his products and running trainers as he becomes a role model for younger children, also his relaxed personality and coolness under pressure influences children and people growing up as they see him doing it and copy it which creates a better image for the sport. This conduct and his personality will increase participation of the sport as more children will want to be like Usain Bolt and become intrested in the sport.
Inappropriate Conduct
Usain Bolt
Dylan O'Grady
Appropriate Conduct
Usain Bolts conduct is very important as he is constantly in the "public eye". If he does something inappropriate it can have a massive impact on his career, for example, when he took 4 female swedish volleyball players back to his hotel room after his 100m Olympic final his popularity may have decreased which would lead to the knock on effect of a loss of money and sponsorship as people would stop buying his brands, clothes and running shoes.
Usain Bolt has a very crazy lifestyle. As he is the fastest man on the planet he has to keep on training regularly and has to lead a responsible, healthy lifestyle. It must be healthy, because he needs to be healthy all year round so that he can training at a high level to get the best results. If he does not train hard and does not lead a healthy lifestyle he is in danger of loosing races, medals and he could also loose sponsorship deals which ultimately result in losing money. He must also live a responsible lifestyle as he is role model for a lot of people around the world and if he not responsible he will loose fans which means he would loose money as less people would be buying his sponsors stuff.
Difficult Sporting Scenarios
Tom Cleverley
has had to put up with abuse off sections of fans for both club and country calling for him to be dropped. This had a massive effect on the players confidence and overall performance because he was trying to hard to impress over people instead of playing his normal game. Also, he may have felt not valued and therefore not given 100% in every game. To overcome this Cleverly would have support of his manager, teammates and the rest of the club, he may also have received life coaching on how to deal with these situations and other like them in the futures.
Gareth Thomas
came out as the first Welsh international rugby player to be homosexual in 2006. This must have been a very difficult time personally and in his career as he would have to deal with rival fans chants and having his name all over the media as he is seen as a national icon. He would have had to have life coaching to learn how to deal with the situation of being treated differently than before and homosexual chants from rival fans and even being teased on the pitch by opposition players but also he would have received a lot of support of friends, family and his club in general to help him get through difficult situation he found himself in. He would have also had life coaching as he admitted that he had tried commiting suicide several times after coming out as gay.
Dwain Chambers
had to overcome his drugs ban in 2003 for testing positive for THG, a performance-enhancing drug. During this time he would have had to deal with his name being all over the media in bad ways calling him a cheat, a loss of fans as he had cheated his way to the top and wasn't a good role model, loss of sponsorship deals and money due to his name being all over the media in negative ways, thereforenshow ing his sponsors in a bad light, and finally being banned from the sport he has done all his life. He would have had to have a change of lifestyle to prevent him doing it again for example he had a rugby league trial with Super League club Castleford Tigers, life coaching to show him how he should deal with the situation in the best way, e.g. he admitted to his drug charges and came clean. Finally, he would have had support of friends and family to help him get through the difficult time.
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