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No description

Tomokazu Nakamura

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of IKEA

INGKA Foundation Inter
B.V. Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Swedwood
(Manufucture) Stores
(Retail) IKEA of Sweden
(Design) Ingvar
Eltaryd (the farm where he grew up)
Agunnaryd (His hometown) More than 300 stores
in 44 countries
127,000 workers MISSION to offer home furnishing items with

wide range
good design and functional
excellent quality and durability
low price
helping more people have a better life at home NOW 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s Founded in Sweden in 1943

Furniture is introduced into the IKEA range in 1948 1920s-30s Ingvar Kamprad was born in 1926
He start selling matches
and second-hand items.
(When he was 5 years old) Furniture showroom opens in 1953

Designing flat pack furniture and self-assembly in 1956

The first IKEA store opens in Sweden in 1958
The first IKEA restaurant opens in 1960

The first IKEA store outside Sweden in Norway in 1963

The largest IKEA store opens in 1965 IKEA arrives in Australia in 1975
in Austria in 1977
in Netherlands in 1979

The testament of Furniture Dealer
is published in 1976
IKEA FAMILY(Loyalty card) is launched
in 1984

A new president and CEO in 1986. retires New CEO Anders Moberg Ingvar Kamprad adviser The first environmental policy at IKEA in 1990
Swedwood – the industrial group of IKEA is founded in 1991

The IKEA web site is launched in 1997
IKEA forest projects is carried out in 1998

A new president and CEO in 1999 Anders Moberg Anders Dahlvig A code of conduct (IWAY) is launched in 2000
Child rights project in India with UNICEF in 2000
IKEA online shop is launched in 2000
IKEA Rail begins in 2001

The IKEA headquarters moves form Denmark to Netherlands
A new president and CEO in 2009 What is IKEA store? SHOW ROOM RESTRAUNT WAREHOUSE PLAY AREA IWAY Prevention of child labors
Prevention of environment pollution
Fire prevention
Worker Health and Safety
Wages, Benefits and Working hours
Harassment Leadership Style Autocratic
Paternalistic IKEA FOUNDATION Corporate
Responsibility Solar panel Planting Partners LED Geothermal
energy Safe and
products The
List Subsidiary Swedwood(manufucture)
IKEA of Sweden(design) Founded in Sweden in 1943
Founder: Ingvar Kamprad
Type of company: Private
Headquarters: Delft, Netherlands
Key people: Mikael Ohlsson (chairman and CEO)
Omar Gulay (President and CEO, Inter IKEA Group)
Soren Hansen ( VP and CFO, Inter IKEA Group)
Revenue: 23.5bn EURO (2010)
A number of workers: 127,000 (2010) Mikael Ohlsson Anders Dahlvig Stichting Ikea Foundation Stichting INGKA Foundation Interogo Foundation Controlled by Kamprad Familly INGKA Holdings Inter IKEA Holdings IKEA Group Inter IKEA Group Ingvar Kamprad sits on the board Trademark Loyalty
(3% of sales) Makes charitable donations STRUCTURE OF THE IKEA GROUP INTER IKEA GROUP
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