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get to know the tool

Dini Dini

on 1 September 2009

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EUROPE EUROPEAN UNION and EURO German Chancelor Konrad Adenauer French Minister of Foreign Affairs Robert Schuman Jean Monnet President of the Schuman-Plan Conference Proposed to set up the ECSC Historic Steps Treaty of Paris 1951 Belgium Federal Republic of Germany France The Netherlands Italy Luxembourg European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) Why European Union? Peace Safety & Security Economic & Social Solidarity Working more closely together to promote the European model of society Treaties of Rome 1957 European Economic Community ECC) and European Atomic Energy Communicy EURATOM) Creation of the EIB 1968 Complete removal of custom duties achievements: 1958 - 1970 Trading inside the communities has sxtupled GDP rose by 70% Import - substantial increase in goods supply Fall of Berlin Wall 1989 Reunification of Germany October 3, 1990 Democracy in countries of central and eastern Europe Who was important? Need a hint? Another hint? But this is the last one! I knew you would get it: Other countries join the communities (ECSC, EEC, Euratom) Greece in 1981 Denmark, Ireland, Uk in 1973 Spain and Portugal in 1986 Some other events happen,which I won't include since I have other things to do this weekend... ... but I would like to mention... Since 1 January 2002, more than 300 million European citizens have been using the Euro! 1995: Austria, Finland and Sweden 2005: Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. More and more countries join the EU Treaty on
European Union (Maastricht, 1992) Principle of Subsidiarity EEC -> EC (the European Community) By adding areas of intergovernmental cooperation... ... this treaty created the EUROPEAN UNION 2007: Bulgaria and Romania There is so much more to say ... but I shall stop here. Here it is... We proudly present today: the EUROPEAN UNION ... und die Plitvicer Seen (Kroatien) gehoeren vielleicht auch irgendwann mal dazu... und dann freut sich der in Amerika unbekannte Indianer... skdhfjksdhf
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