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A Separate Peace Personification

No description

Amer Saric

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of A Separate Peace Personification

Example 1
Example 4
"Now they reached soggily and emptily away from me." (Knowles 13)
This is a picture of what kids attending boarding school during World War 2 would look like and wear.
Example 2
"The wave threw me down into a primitive plunge.... the wave hesitated balanced there, and then hissed back toward the deep water, its tentacles not quite interested enough in me to drag it with me." (pg. 46-47)
A Separate Peace Personification
By: Amer Saric, Matt Guise, and Arber Hajdini.
"The tree was tremendous, an irate, steely black steeple black beside the river." (Knowles 14)

The importance of this example is that it explain how the tree has become old and dead overtime and has no special features.
Here we see that there is excessive use of personification. This example just shows how author John Knowles uses personification to bring more emphasis and meaning into generally dull scenes.
This example may seem unnecessary but it shows how the tree that Gene views from the future is not much unlike the other trees. He notices how in hindsight things are much less distinguishable as they seemed to be.
Example 5
"Peace had deserted Devon...Fall had barely touched the full splendor of trees." (Knowles 72)
The importance of this example is that it shows how the students had t hope in peace so early on.
Example 3
"Fear seized my stomach like a cramp" (Knowles 144)
This is an important example because it shows how Gene worries about entering the army after he sees what it had done to Leper.
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