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OCD Leonardo DiCaprio

Health Science Project

Hylah Miller

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of OCD Leonardo DiCaprio

Hylah Miller
Due Date: 12/7/12
3rd block Leonardo Wilhelm Dicaprio
Born: November 11, 1974 Leonardo DiCaprio was born in Los Angeles, Calfornia. His profession is being an actor, Leonardo DiCaprio has been acting since 1990 (age 15). His first film was "Poison Ivy" but the film he is known best for was the 1997 classic "Titanic". Leonardo DiCaprio has suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder "OCD" since he was a young child and still suffers from this disorder, he promised himself he would not let it take over his life though. Leonardo always feels the urge to step on every piece of gum he passes on the street and repeatedly goes through door ways before entering a room. This does not make his life impossible or very hard to deal with but it can be very bothersome. Although Leonardo has OCD he has not contributed money to any research. A few foundations who do are The International OCD Foundation, AFOCD and OCFWPA. Diseases of the Rich and Famous
Leonardo DiCaprio OCD Obesessive Compulsive Disorder- is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted & repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations or behaviors that make them feel drive to do something. Causes of OCD -Most people who develop OCD show symptoms are age 30.
-There are no theories about the cause of OCD but none have yet to be completely proven.
-Some have said it could be linked with head injuries and infections and others say it might have some relationship with tics (mental disorder) that 20% of people with OCD have. Precipitating favors and/ or groups affected OCD can develop between the ages 3-40 and it does not depend on your ethnic race because it can happen to anyone. Researchers have found that males can develop it slightly sooner in life than females. Signs & Symptoms -obsessions or compulsions that arent due to drug use
-obsessions or compulsions that can affect everyday life
-check and rechecking actions
-extreme fear of germs
-washing your hands way too much Signs and Tests to Make Proper Diagnostic The first thing you should do would be to go to a psychiatric to determine your mental state and so they can give you a questionnaire to answer about how you feel during your everyday life. It is also a good idea to have a physical exam to rule out any physical symptoms. Treatment of Disease -The 1st medicine a doctor will prescribe would be a type of antidepressant. Such as Citalopram, Fluoxetine, Paroxetine or Sertraline.
-In case of the antidepressant not working doctors can prescribe an antidepressant that has been around longer (Clomipramine) and is used to treat the symptoms of OCD. It also has side effects though such as difficulty starting urination, drop in blood pressure while coming up from a sitted position, dry mouth and sleepiness. In other cases doctors can prescribe antidepressants and Clomipramine together. Prognosis When making a prognosis of OCD it is best to look at these 3 things: if the symptoms are mild or extreme, if the symptoms go away for any period of time and how well the person with the symptoms function. This disorder is long term which can come with some side effects later for example skin breakdown with handwashing too frequently. Health Professions in OCD 1. Mental Health Nurse- starting salary on average is $35,000 an can increase to $66,000 and needs a 4 year degree.
2. Psychiatrist- average salary is $170,000 and needs to complete 6 to 8 years of schooling.
3. Psychologist- average salary is $80,000 a year and needs to have a 4 year degree. Citing Sources http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000929.htm
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