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Copy of Glo-Bus

No description

Drew Christianson

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Glo-Bus

Image Rating Credit Rating Stock Price Earnings Per Share Net Revenues Year End Results Overall Game-to-Date Score: 2nd place

Global Recognition almost every year for one or more of the following categories:

Overall Game-to-Date Score
Earnings per Share
Return on Equity
& Stock Price
Share Price year 13: $231.01
Share Price year 14: $206. 56
Share Price year 15: $196.52

Image rating year 13: 100
Image rating year 14: 97
Image Rating year 15: 92 2nd 3 year Plan results EPS year 13: 13.95
EPS year 14: 12.91
EPS year 15: 11.56

ROE year 13: 32%
ROE year 14: 30%
ROE year 15: 26%

Credit Rating: A+ for all 3 years! 2nd 3 year Strategic Plan Results Share Price year 13: 231.0
Share Price year 14: 240.0
Share Price year 15: 245.0

Image rating year 13: 100
Image rating year 14: 100
Image rating year 15: 100 2nd 3 Year Strategic Performance Targets EPS year 13: 13.5
EPS year 14: 14.0
EPS year 15: 14.5

ROE year 13: 32.0
ROE year 14: 35.0
ROE year 15: 37.0

Credit Rating: A+ for all 3 years 2nd 3 year Performance Targets Vision Statement
Glo-Bus Rating: 1st place until year 15, 2nd place
Entry Level and Multi Level Strategies:
Global Low Cost Leadership 3 Year Plan: Year’s 13,14,15 EPS year 9: 5.26
EPS year 10: 7.23
EPS year 11: 16.55

ROE year 9: 25%
ROE year 10: 30%
ROE year 11: 47%

Credit Rating: year 9 & 10) A+, year 11) A Year 9, 10, 11 Performance Results Share Price year 9: $65
Share price year 10: $75
Share Price year 11: $85

Image Rating year 9: 89
Image Rating year 10: 90
Image Rating year 11: 91 Performance targets Continued EPS Target year 9: 5.63
EPS Target year 10: 6.93
EPS Target year 11: 8.27

ROE Target year 9: 24.5%
ROE Target year 10: 23.1%
ROE Target year 11: 21.4%

Credit Rating Target for All 3 Years: A+ 3 Year Strategic Performance Targets Vision Statement
Glo-Bus Ranking: 1st Place all three year’s
Entry and Multi level Strategies:
Global Differentiation Strategy 3 Year Plan: Year’s 9,10,11 Multi-Feature Camera Profits/Unit Our company chose a Global Differentiation Strategy that sets our entry level camera apart from rival brands based on a higher PQ rating and more models and styles. We also used other marketing aspects such as longer warranties, more advertising, retail or technical support to separate us from our competitors. Entry Level and Multi Level Strategy Exposure will be known as the most profitable and reputable camera manufacturer in the world. Our Company will produce unique and differentiated cameras that come with great tech support and good warranties. We will offer multiple models and discounts at as many venues as possible. Exposure will maintain great credit and image rating while also exceeding shareholders expectations on ROE, EPS and share price. We will always strive to meet the customers needs that other camera companies seems to overlook! Exposure Strategic Vision We started out with a high cost, high quality strategy. Later on, by Year 11 we had switched to a low cost low quality strategy and definitely saw an increase in sales at first, then followed by a notable decline in years 14 and 15.

We learned this transition to a low cost low quality strategy was not sustainable for our company in the long run.

We probably would have done better if we had waited until year 12 or 13 to implement the low-cost strategy. Lessons Learned Return On Equity Share Price year 9: 81.44
Share Price year 10: 119.23
Share Price year 11: 174.57

Image rating year 9: 79
Image rating year 10: 92
Image Rating year 11: 100 Performance Results Continued Entry Level Camera’s Profit/Unit Exposure Toni Delgado
Drew Christianson
Xiao Liang
Timothy Davidson Significant gains in year 10 & 11, but eventually our low-cost strategy with its low P/Q ratings hurt our ability to enter new retail stores and consequently made it difficult to maintain market share. Each year we bought back stock to help improve our EPS scores.

Exposure had bought back the maximum amount (25%) by Year 14.

Regular Stock Buybacks and Cash Dividends were used to boost ROE scores.

Annual Dividends were about 5% of Net Income. Stock Buybacks also helped to increase our Stock Price, as did the company's overall profitability. We made it a priority to quickly pay down debt with surplus cash to help reduce interest expenses and improve our overall financial performance. Image Rating was slow to rise at first due to our High-quality Strategy's relatively small market share.

Image declined in later years due to sliding market share caused by Low-cost Strategy problems (i.e., not being able to enter new retail stores).
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