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Should Conflict be Embraced?

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Veronica Monsisvais

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Should Conflict be Embraced?

Should Conflict be Embraced?
Conflict is inevitable in which it should be embraced and not avoided.
Conflict Unites People
Whenever someone encounters a similar conflict within a group of people, it often unites them. In 1960s, many African Americans were being discriminated by the whites and they were treated unequal. Martin Luther King, an African American, wanted to stop the inequality between blacks and whites as well as other people, and he encouraged them to fight for Civil Rights. All the African Americans were brought togher in unity and began peaceful protest.
Learning From Conflict
If you choose to confront a conflict it is also possible you can learn from it. Elie Wiesel, a Jewish-American and Holocaust survivor, has confronted conflict which was the Holocaust and learned from it. Elie Wiesel learned from his conflict by speaking up and trying to get everyone to know what happen at that time. He learned from his conflict by speaking about his past to others so that the conflict he faced himself does not happen again.
Conflict Should be Avoided if the Problem is to Big to Handle
Conflict is inevitable which should be avoided for better reasons. Avoiding conflict at times can be best when the problem is to big to handle. If someone got hurt their is not much you can do, but call for emergency. This situation is to big to handle for anyone because if somebody got hurt its best for a professional to take care of the situation.

In the end, conflict is inevitable in which it should be embraced and not ignored, for conflict can unite people, people can learn from their conflict, and the situation gets bigger.
Detail 3

Dealing with Conflict before it gets Bigger
Not dealing with conflict sooner can cause the situation to be worse than it already is. In this case it would be if getting into an argument with your friend. At first it would be just fighting and arguing, but later on if the fighting continues you might not be friends. Then when your not friends anymore drama could start such as rumors about each other. If you dealt the argument or problem earlier you could have resolved the situation with your friend and still be friends.
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