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yellowstone national park

No description

Rodger bodah

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of yellowstone national park

Yellowstone National Park
The Rock Cycle
The rock cycle has good information for the Yellowstone, first it rain and the little of pieces of the rocks will travel with the rain into the ocean, next it deposition with the sediment then it burial and compaction then it turn into a sedimentary rock and then it deformation and metamorphism and then it transform into a metamorphic rock and last the rock melts and crystallization out of magma and then it will transform into a igneous rock and it start all over again.
Yellowstone National Park
Fun Facts
The Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful national park, it is located at Wyoming and it is also a region and state, the city is at Montana you will see wild animals, volcanoes, earthquakes, and hot springs.
The Yellowstone have a lot of landforms they have hot springs but be careful if you go on the hot spring it might burn you, there are also volcanoes, super volcanoes,and geysers some of them can be really dangerous.
How is landforms formed?
How landforms are formed depends on the type of landforms. There are four basic types, structural, weathering, erosional, and depositional.
Climate and Weather
Climate: In the Yellowstone there is sunny, rainy, and cloudy climates.
Weather:In spring the Yellowstone Currently 49F Mostly Cloudy in Yellowstone National Park.
There is a lot of animals in the Yellowstone such as grizzly bear, wolves, and herd of bison and elk and more they all eat meat and most of them are in the top of the food chain.
In the Yellowstone there is big rocks that rangers tell you to don't touch on it or don't climb it and there is some rocks that are small that rangers let you keep it and take it home.
In the Yellowstone there is more than 1,350 species of vascular plants, indian paintbrush, glacier lily but there is more than just three plants.
Historical Facts
How old is the Yellowstone National Park? It is 142 years old.What year did the Yellowstone became a park? The Yellowstone became a park in 1872 it was the first national park in the U.S.A. and the first national park was in 1871.Why is the Yellowstone is unique? Because it was the first national park in the U.S.
Why would someone want to visit this park? People want to visit this park because maybe if they grow up they need information do they can be careful and don't go to a path were bears or wolves habitat. Or maybe they want to visit the park because they want to see the wildlife,plants, animals, or see the lake or river and dive in there so you can see fishes and sharks that live in the water.
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