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Basecamp Review

No description

Daniel Palladino

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of Basecamp Review

How Does it Work?
Basecamp organizes projects by enabling users to create new projects and invite their teammates. It allows teams to share files and ideas, along with the ability to assign tasks and deadlines in order to complete their project efficiently.
Daniel Palladino
Taya Winkle
Kevin Kung
Diane Zhou
Aygul Hojadova
Jiaqi Huang
Great Feature #1
To-do lists are one of the primary resources used to start and finish projects on Basecamp. You can assign tasks to an individual team member and set a deadline. A notification email is automatically sent out to the individual once a task is assigned. Basecamp makes it really easy to set up and re-arrange to-dos.
Great Feature #2
One of the biggest assets of Basebamp is their file sharing feature. Any user can upload images, files and text documents to a project and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
Basecamp Review
Great Feature #3
Basecamp has updated its project events, and now all projects have their own month-to-month calendar grid. Allowing users to schedule events, create to-do lists, and rearrange all the events while viewing the monthly calendar.
Great Feature #4
Great Feature #5
Everyone now a days uses Google Docs to communicate, and store their data. To take advantage of this, Basecamp integrated Google Docs into their system, and allows users to share and attach Google Docs into events. This feature makes it more convenient for users to enjoy and use Basecamp for professional manners.
Needs Improvement #1
Basecamp needs to improve their communication features within their projects. While they do allow you to create discussions between group members, it would be much more efficient if they integrated an option to video chat or screen share with teammates while working on a project.
Needs Improvement #2
Basecamp is currently only available in English. Some other collaboration websites like Redbooth can support English, French, German, Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese to list a few.
Needs Improvement #3
Basecamp's iPhone app has limited capabilities such as, you can't create new projects, there's no "Everyone" page, and you can't upload stand alone files. Worst of all their app cannot send push notifications, which can be very useful on the iPhone.
Basecamp is a project management tool that helps people work together on projects. It utilizes discussion forums, file sharing, to-do lists and tasks assignments.
What is it?
Basecamp Review
Needs Improvement #4
The free version of Basecamp limits organizations to only being able to create one single project, and that's a pretty strict limitation. Perhaps Basecamp could improve on this aspect by allowing users to have some trial period that includes all the premium features for free. This way the potential customers can determine whether or not Basecamp is right for them.
Needs Improvement #5
The greatest feature of Basecamp, could also be its downfall. Basecamp's simplicity and ease of use is its main selling point. However, for more complex project management that requires a lot of dependent tasks and budgetary constraints that need to be looked at closely, Basecamp cannot provide the same level of management as Microsoft Project or another similar tool that is distinctly developed for such projects.
How We Used Basecamp
We used Basecamp to create a project to-do list, assign and divides tasks evenly, and set individual deadlines to complete each task.
Overall Rating
Overall basecamp was very user friendly, aesthetic and made it easy to sign up and start a project. It helped our group organize and get the ball rolling. However, Basecamp is seriously lacking on its communication features. We eventually ditched Basecamp and went back to using email, text messaging and iLearn to communicate and finish our project.
Lacking video chat
English Only
No Push Notifications on iPhone App
Limited Free Version
Lacks Complex Management Tools
To-Do Lists
File Sharing
Project Calendars
Custom Reminder Times
Basecamp also has custom reminder times. This allows you to add as many people into the meeting, and remind them of the event that will be conducted. Also, Basecamp allows you to reschedule event notifications. It will automatically send out an email to participants with the new date and time.
Google Docs Integration
The Packers
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