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bush hill


Ricardo Bustamante

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of bush hill

By: Rudy Briseno, Faith Flores,
Ricardo Bustamante. Bush Hill Bush Hill is a estate outside of Philadelphia. It was taken over during the yellow fever epidemic of 1793 to serve as a quarantine hospital for fever victims. It was used in attempt to prevent further infection and to reduce the death rate of Yellow Fever. What is Bush Hill? Facts of Bush Hill Bush Hill Bush Hill was a mansion that belonged to William Hamilton. It was turned into a hospital to treat yellow fever victims. The doctors were french and treated their patients. By fresh air and lots of fluid Summary His mansion turned into a hospital which is very interesting. Bush Hill Bush Hill was a Mansion that belonged to William Hamilton. The conditions at Bush Hill were less than satisfactory and Charles Caldwell a second year medical student at the time was the only volunteer that was there to help people. It was dirty, overcrowded, and lacked the necessary medical supplies to help the people that were sick. Mansion Per. 3 Mrs. Peterson 12/18/12 Bush Hill = Hospital Thank you for
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