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Talking Point

Elementary 4 Unit 1 Classes 5 to 8

Ednalva Silva

on 8 February 2015

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Transcript of Talking Point

How are you? What's up?
Where were you yesterday?
What do you do on Saturdays?
How often do you play sports?
Were you at home yesterday?
Compare Sete Lagoas with BH.
Compare Shopping 7 Lagoas with BH

Talking Point
Elementary 4
How are you doing?
When do you have Portuguese classees?
Are you good at Computer games?
Is your school as big as the shopping mall?
Are You OK today?
How was your day yesterday?
Describe the pictures:

How are you?
How was your weekend?
What are you doing now?
Where are you going after class?
Let's make sentences using:
big/ expensive/ good/ nice
Make sentences using:
nice/ cool/ comfortable/ short / tall/ good
Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was from a small town called Vinci, near the city of Florence. His father was a very rich and important man.
When Da Vinci was 16 years old, he was a dedicated art student. After years old of study he could paint, draw, sculpt and play music very well. His most famous paintings are the “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper”.The Last Supper was painted on a wall.
But he wasn’t just a painter, a sculptor and musician. He was also an architect, an engineer and an inventor. He could draw flying machines, submarines and mechanical devices. His pictures were usually complex and full of details.
He was good at many other subjects like Anatomy, Biology, Math and Physics. He also studied Meteorology and Geology.
Leonardo Da Vinci was very intelligent and fascinating man but maybe his
inventions were too modern for his time.

1. What’s your name?
2. What’s your surname?
3. How do you spell…?
4. Where do you come from?
5. Do you work or Are you a student?
6. What do you like about your job / school?
7. Do you spend a lot of time with your friends?
8. What’s your favourite restaurant?
9. What are you going to do next weekend?
10. Tell me something about your hobbies.
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