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r-controlled vowel patterns

ar, or, er

Christie Duong

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of r-controlled vowel patterns

VOWELS 2nd grade:
Standard 4: (Phonics and Spelling): Students use phonics and other strategies to decode and spell unfamiliar words while reading and writing.

Objective 1: Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between letters and sounds.
-Identify and pronounce r-controlled vowel patterns in words (e.g., ar, or, er). ar or er car
Mom drives a car to work. shark
I saw a shark in the ocean. jar
Mom put strawberry jam in the glass jar. mark
The teacher put a check mark on my paper. park
We go to the park to play. star
Look up in the sky to see a star. farm
Many animals live on grandpa's farm. fork
I ate the salad with a fork. corn
We had corn for dinner. sword
Use the sword to defend yourself. story
Read the story in the book. horse
I watched the horse run through the field. acorn
The squirrel collected an acorn from the tree. mother
My mother went to the store. father
My father read me a bedtime story. brother
I have an older brother. sister
My sister plays the piano. flower
The flower blooms in the spring. spider
The spider spins a web. hammer
Use the hammer to build a birdhouse.
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