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No description

Mengxuan Zhang

on 27 March 2016

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Transcript of Recycle

Recycling one can gives enough energy to listen to a full album on an iPod.

New Recycling System at Holmes!
Proudly presented by the Holmes Green Team and Leadership
Did you know?
Food Waste
It IS Easy Being Green!

Indoor Recycling
Outdoor Recycling
Recycling has a big impact on the Earth's environment

Your Turn...
Recycling 100 cans allows you to light your bedroom for 2 whole weeks.
California Recycling Challenge!
Got Compost?
Don't stink up the room!
Compete with other schools to produce the most recyclables
more volume -> more points!
(so don't squish up recyclables)
Beat our competitors - Willett!
Dump ALL leftover food into our new compost bins
2/3 of household waste can be composted. Don't waste food - compost instead!
What goes in?
CLEAN paper
brown paper bags
lunch trays
old homework/handouts, flyers
poster paper
small cardboards
What goes in?
CRV items = $
empty plastic bottles and cans
Every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees!
coke cans, gatorade and water bottles, etc.
What goes in?
What goes in?
plastic spoons/forks
plastic hot lunch containers
plastic cup lids
yogurt containers
non CRV cans (tuna cans, etc)
milk/juice containers
dirty paper/ trays
what we want the least
chip bags
plastic bags (flimsy)

(putting stuff in a bin that doesn't belong there)
Don't contaminate! Learn how to sort!
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