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General Music Syllabus

No description

Amber Hoyle

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of General Music Syllabus

WELCOME TO GENERAL MUSIC 6th Grade General Music will explore many aspects of music including: •Home work – 10%
•Tests /Quizzes –40%
•Class Participation – 50% GRADING Students will be assigned homework throughout the semester to enhance their understanding of material covered in class. Students will not be allowed to return to their lockers to retrieve homework. Further homework policies are covered in the LMS Handbook. HOMEWORK Tests and quizzes will be given throughout the nine weeks. Tests will be announced before the test date. Quizzes may be given at any time without prior announcement. Tests/Quizzes There is no book for this class, so all materials that are tested will be presented in class. Class participation will include class work, participation in activities, and contribution to class discussions. PARTICIPATION Students need to go to their lockers, use the restroom, and get water on their way to class. Students will not be allowed to leave class once class has started unless there is an emergency. •Students will need a 1 subject spiral/composition notebook for music class. Notebooks need to be in class each day. Students are responsible for keeping up with all worksheets given out in class. As we do not have a book, handouts/worksheets will serve as study guides and review. RULES 1.NO Food, gum , candy, or drinks! RULE #1 2.Respect others & their property. RULE #2 3.No playing or singing at inappropriate times RULE #3 4.Raise your hand and be recognized BEFORE speaking! RULE #4 5.Participate every day, all the time! RULE #5 6th Grade
General Music Mrs. Hoyle 7th & 8th Grade Band
8th Grade Chorus basic music theory
aural skills
musical instruments in order to better prepare you to make a decision concerning 7th grade band. Except Water Must have materials to participate Play the Flute Married 7 years Dog- Zeus
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