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North Korean Dystopia

No description

Bryson Finley

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of North Korean Dystopia

North Korean Dystopia
By: Bryson Finley
Some countries are a lot like real life dystopias, they are very unpleasant places to live.
North Korea
North Korea, a country very similar to a dystopia, we discover why be seeing the way they control their people and seeing how they punish the citizens for disobeying.
A dystopia is...
Citizens of a dystopia usually live under heavy control (Durfee). They don't have many freedoms, and the truth is hidden from the people. Arik says "The illusion of a utopia is merely propaganda meant to keep the citizens under control (48)."
How does Korea relate...
North Korea has many rules. A few of them are, you cant leave, they choose your career for you, only few people are allowed to have phones, the people who do have phones can not connect to the internet or call outside of the country(Callahan). There are only a few cars, they turn the electricity off to the people at night (Smith), you are not allowed to watch foreign films. They are still restricted beyond that.

There is propaganda everywhere that talks about how they are the only country in the world that is prosperous and functioning and that everywhere else is apocalyptic chaos (Callahan). They do this so the people don't want to leave and the government can stay in control. That is also why they cant watch foreign movies. If they do they realize how bad North Korea really is and they will want to leave.
More about dystopia...
In dystopian society people live under heavy control by the government(Durfee). A lot of times the people are punished for disobeying the strict rules, like in The Giver (Lowry). The government keeps close watch on its citizens to make sure they follow the rules. This is the same with North Korea.
In Korea...
The people have many rules to follow. Some of the punishments for disobeying are...
~If you are caught leaving and can be killed along with family.
~If you are caught watching foreign films, you will be sentenced to hard labor camp (Smith).
~They also have the citizens spy on each other and are told to report people who say anything bad about the government and they can be tortured, killed or imprisoned (Tom Head).
There are many other rules and consequences, these are just a few to show how the people have live.
North Korea is like a real life dystopia. The country has lots of rules and restrictions and many punishments to go along with them.
North Korea is not a good place to live. It has many dystopian like rules and punishments. The people have little idea of how bad they really live.
Would you want to live here?
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