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Curriculum Vitae/Resume


Laura C

on 15 December 2016

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Transcript of Curriculum Vitae/Resume

Tim Boyd
Creative Producer & Director

Formula 1
Can England Win The Next World Cup?
Sport’s Last Taboo
Duel of the Silver Arrows
Match of the Day
Football Focus
Sports Personality
of the Year
Formula 1
Creative Director
Across all filming
and editing
Managing a team
Planning and logistics
BAFTA 2010
Royal Television Society 2009
Broadcast Award 2010
Big Screen Entertainment
Royal Television Society Craft Award Recognition 2013 & 2015
Case Study
Jenson Button tries Rallycross
24 hours to go
Persuading Jenson Button
Include Rallycross World Champion Petter Soldberg as teacher
Persuade teams to lend us cars


In-car cameras and sound

Car-to-car sound

Choose the crew and cameras
Soldberg breaks his ribs competing

Change the focus of the piece
I love the camera, edit and music. I love the STORY: Watch Jenson Button and David Coulthard race Rallycross
Brilliant feature on Jenson Button and Rallycross. BBC F1 coverage at its best.

@dannyodwyer @drewscanlon

did you see the BBCs rallycross piece with Jenson Button? BBCs production is so good.
This BBC Jenson /Coulthard
Rallycross feature is one of their BEST ever pieces. will remember this for a long long time.
Brilliant piece with Jenson Button and David Coulthard in Rallycross cars on the BBC's Grand Prix coverage. Congrats to those responsible.
Managing budgets
Create a sense of excitement and celebration about the sport available
The service gives you the sport you love

Show moments in sport that fans love
It is the centre of the action and is the service to sign up for to get your sport

It must drive sign up
Lorries with large screens on them are driving through areas of Japan showing the different sport entertainment on offer.
The idea of bringing big sport entertainment to the people.

From rural areas to cities and from rich to poor showing it is accessible to all.
Filmed in

3-4 days of lorry and screen hire at around
a day

Screen 4.6m x 2.8m

2 days drone filming at
a day

2 days Red camera filming with assistant
a day

post work

costing £16K-£25K
The Art of Sport

Building of television screens showing all sports into the name of the service as an art exhibition.

Making the service an exhibit of art and holding an unveiling launch party for a crowd of people. Some of those in the crowd become recognisable as sports stars.

A large lightscreen is behind the exhibit showing the home pages and the functionality and the sports rights.
One main filming day at exhibition/warehouse location

Film sports stars in close-up in similar low-lit rooms

1 day lightscreen at

1 day Red camera with assistant at

1 day soundman with SSD Kit

Warehouse cost about

Final costing dependent on presenter costs, sport stars costs and travel
In The Sport
Showing the service is closer to the sports it shows by putting our presenter in and around those sports.
In The Sport
The presenter starts in his chair then is transported into the television at exciting sporting moments.
Sport Is Everywhere
A presenter talking through the service whilst sport is taking place right in front of him,
interacting with the sportsmen.
Show that this service is the centre for sport by
having sports stars in and around it.
Shoots could happen local to sports stars to make it practical – costs incurred moving presenter

3 days filming on Red at around
a day with assistant
3 days location sound with SSD kit about

Cost of locations, presenter and sports stars as an endorsement?
Green screen studio filming with the presenter for a day

Film on a Red camera which gives 4K possibility
a day

Soundman with SSD kit
a day

Post production work with rotoscoping, matching and bedding in
Costing £40K - £50K
Bringing sport to the streets of Japan through lorries with screens
Big Screen Entertainment
The Art of sport
The brand name as a work of art
In the sport
Putting the presenter in sporting events through green screen
Sport Is Everywhere
Putting sports stars in everyday situations whilst watching

Creative Director
Tim Boyd
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