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FoG3 U4-5 Simple Past & Past Progressive

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Stephanie Landon

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of FoG3 U4-5 Simple Past & Past Progressive

* Use with time expressions:
- She ran last week.
- They lived in Mexico 20 years ago.
-He moved to the U.S. last year.
Simple Past
* Used to talk about actions that
are finished
She ate breakfast.
Rules & Form
** Many verbs are irregular in the past tense! You must learn all of the verbs in your appendix!
* You must use the DO helping verb in the negative & yes/no question forms
I did not do my homework last night.
Did you see the new Batman movie?
1. Write 5 sentences about things you did:
a) last night
b) last week
c) last year
d) when you were 18
e) your first day in the U.S.
2. Write 5 questions to ask your friend about the past. Be sure to use TIME EXPRESSIONS that show one point in time in the past.
1. Use the following verbs to desrcibe events in the video. Use the simple past tense!
-explode -scream
-collapse -jump
-run -fight

2. What other action did you see?
Past Progressive vs. Simple Past
pp. 34-35
Simple Past
Past Progressive
pp. 38- 41
A habit or routine that you no longer have:
I used to eat junk food, but now I only
eat healthy food.
Used To
Something you did in the past, but you no longer do:
I used to be a cheerleader.
To contrast the past with the present:
I used to have long hair, but I cut it.
used to
verb in
base form
*** I
didn't use
to be so good
at grammar (but now I am).
to live in another country?
to live?
1. What did you use to do that you don't do now?

2. Where did you use to live?

3. What restaurant did you use to visit when you lived in your country?

4. Did you use to have more money than you do now?

5. How did you use to wear your hair?
Blue Book
-focuses on the completion of an action in the past time.
-focuses on the duration of an action in the past, not its completion.
Paul read a book last night.
**we know he finished it.
Paul was reading a book last night.
** we don't know if he finished it.
clause: a subject and verb combination
I love ice cream. = 1 clause

I love ice cream and frozen yogurt=
1 clause

I love ice cream, and I love frozen yogurt.= ? clauses
Past Time Clauses
* we use WHEN and WHILE
in past time clauses.
I called my mom
when I got home.
main clause
time clause
While I was eating,

the phone rang.
* the time clause always has the time subordinator.
* the verb tense you choose changes the meaning of the sentence.
would + base form
* repeated past activities or habits that no longer happen in the present.
**When we use 'would' it must already clear that we are talking about the past.
Do NOT use 'would' for past situations.
I used to love shopping.
I would love shopping.
Warm-Up Conversation
1. What did you do yesterday after class?
2. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
3. Did you get a good grade on the present-progressive quiz last week?
4. Did you study your irregular verb chart last night?
5. When did you see your parents last?
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