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Greece 2

Preparation for Your Trip to Greece

Kate Foster

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Greece 2

Background Official Name: Hellenic Republic Capital: Athens Currency:
(Euro) € 0.8105= $1 U.S. World Location: Lies at the Crossroads of 3 Continents: Located in Southeastern Europe with Africa to the West and continental Asia to the East European Location: Borders the countries Albania, Macedonia, and Bulgaria to the North, Turkey on the Northeast and is surrounded by the sea on the South, West and East. (Ionian Sea on the West, Mediterranean Sea in the South, Gulf of Corinth, Aegean Sea on West and under Northern stretch) Languages:
Greek (98%)
Minorities- English, French, Turkish, Slav, Albanian, Pomak, and Romanian and Bulgarian dialects (2%) Religion Main Religion:
Greek Orthodox (98%) Minorities: Muslim (1.3%) and Jewish, Protestant, or Catholic (0.7%) Catholic under Roman Empire in A.D. 313 Battle between patriarch and Pope causes
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