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English 186 Project Two: Prezi Translation Prompt

No description

Kati Ahern

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of English 186 Project Two: Prezi Translation Prompt

Prezi Translation Prompt
English 186, spring 2013 What is a translation?
What does it mean to translate?
How do we adapt ideas to new media or contexts? Translations might take us to new ideas Prezi Translation Prompt:
In this project you will take your thesis from
Project 1 and translate it into a Prezi presentation
for a more popular audience. or as a performance to be given in a different context. You can treat this like a business presentation explaining the opportunities of digital writing Also, your presentation should take
advantage of the opportunities of Prezi. Either way, your Prezi presentation should be between 3-5 minutes in total-- exploring, explaining and unpacking a thesis about digital writing and multimodality, with cited sources. Final Grade Weight Worth 20%
Final Due Date, Thursday March 7th Here it is
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