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No description

Jessica Hignojos

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of Inferencing

Text Inferencing
Katie was excited about tonight. Happily, she put on her big, red shoes and bright, yellow outfit. Her mom helped Katie paint her face white with a big, red circle on each cheek. Just before Katie ran out the door to meet her friends, she attached her large, squeaky nose and placed a bright blue, pointy hat on top of her head. She grabbed an empty bag and went out into the night.
an educated guess that we make based on the information that is right in front of us, combined with our own experiences.
-Sitting next to your best friend and he/she moves.
List 3 inferences
-Your dog jumps on you when you get home from school.
Textual Evidence
specific information from a text that we use to support our inferences.
Inferencing with Pixar
Inferencing with Pixar
Pixar Inferencing
Inferencing with Pixar
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