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Copy of Copy of MINECRAFT

No description

Suzanne Boland

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of MINECRAFT

I love Minecraft. It is a fun interactive game! You can also have animals like pigs,cows,
colored sheep,and chickens.You can get
resources from them like wool or milk. MINECRAFT If you look here this is one of the
coolest pictures of Minecraft! Minecraft is the most fun for children
because kids can use there imaginations to
create worlds made out of blocks! It is a "sandbox"
game. A sandbox game is a game where the player
can roam freely. There has been awesome updates
to the game that has created armor
and other fun stuff! This is a furnace. It will melt
ore and cook food for you
as long you have fuel in it. MINECRAFT These are monsters
which means they will
hurt you so if your
playing be careful. People get so creative
they can even make
this! You can also make videos like this one and put them on YouTube. Minecraft: A Brand New World
by Patrick Boland There are funny videos on YouTube too. You can also find games on youTube that other users have created. Some people even make videos of Minecraft tameable animals. You can play Minecraft on :
a computer
an iPod
an iPad
an iPhone

You can play on multiplayer
servers with your friends. When you start playing Minecraft the first thing you do is make a shelter for the night because at night monsters come out! You make your first shelter by digging a hole or chopping wood with your hand. You can make tools like a pickaxe, a sword or a shovel on a "crafting table". To survive and maintain your health you must find food. There are lots of ways to do this. You can start a farm so you always have food. You can see hunger and health by looking at your health/hunger bars. You can make something like this by playing for a long time to collect resources and working hard. ;kljn;kljmn; This is just a tiny slice of Minecraft.
I think Minecraft is really fun and I'm sure you
would love it. Thank you!

Any questions???
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