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No description

adrien lefebvre

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of TOF

Step 1 : Choice of a network model Test and Track Technology introduction
Resume Time Of Flight Jennic Application
Resume Jennet Stack
Application Structure Network Time Of Flight API
(Jennet Stack) Step 2 : Neighbour table The coordinator get and send the neighbour table to the master. Letting him knows who is able to receive a Tof call.

The neighbour table's update follow every child joined event.

functions called : Step 3 : Tof cycle A Tof cycle occured every "frequency"ms.
Limite :
100ms < uNeighbourNumber*(4*MaxReading+6)ms

Tof burst for every neighbour in neighbour table
Then send the data to coordinator when the cycle end.

functions used : RESUME TIME OF FLIGHT API forward burst Enable TOF : vAppApiTofInit(TRUE);

get TOF : bool_t bAppApiGetTof(...);

Stock data in asTofData[]

Cycle way : can begin with timers
or events

Status u8TofState = 1 => serie burst
then u8TofState = 3 => use data TOF
and finally end u8TofState = 0 Technology introduction sensor boards with pre-installed module with uFl connector We are using JN5148-M04 instead of M03.
New generation 5168 doesn't fit the european norms loading programs ftdi cable FlashProgrammer 38400 STEP1 STEP2 STEP3 Step0 programmation mode : button Prog -> button Reset -> release Reset-> release Prog TOF Outputs Error Status distTof (cm)
distRSSI (cm)
sigmadistTof Outputs : Jennet Stack *Topology supported

*No short address

*Two ways for data transmission
-use Jennet Service

*SleepMode / Polling (max freq 100ms) template application Jennet functions in Jenie.h vJenie_CbConfigureNetwork() network definition
vJenie_CbInit() initialise the device
vUtils_Init() initialise utilities
vJenie_CbMain() handle upcoming network, main eJenie_SetPermitJoin(bool) enable parenting
eJenie_Sleep() sleep mode

Data gestion:
Or after binding service :
eJenie_SendDataToBoundService() Step 0 : Add Utilities * vPrintf.c in order to print data.
* DataSending.c contains all functions used for data transmissions.
*AppQueueApi + TOF library
*In Makefile : Balise : Others : Functions :

eJenie_GetNeighbourTableEntry() //get neighbour entry
pvAppApiGetMacAddrLocation() //get my mac address
u8Jenie_GetNeighbourTableSize() //get neighbourtab size

Created :

vConvertAddr() //convert mac_addr_s in mac
vSendNeighbourTab() //send neighbour table to master
vNeigbourTabreset() // reset neighbourtable used in cycle :

tabNeighbourTableTOF[] //stock data tof
NeighbourTurn, NeighbourChange //ind determine who will be the next tof target.

filter data received : 1 2 1) filter for aberrant mesures
2) filter for multipaths Send TOF data to coordinator :
for each neighbour,
int32 Tof distance
uint32 Rssi distance
uint32 Timestamp

vOrderDataForTOFSending()//cut u32 in 4 u8
vSendData()//send data to coordinator First Results... 4*MaxReading+6 ms
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