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Chapter 1 Lesson 2

No description

Jesse Weisbrod

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 1 Lesson 2

Can it affect our health?
You can take
of your health by understanding the factors that influence it.

Understanding these influences and committing to a healthy lifestyle are the
first steps
toward taking charge of your health

B. Understanding Your Influences

– the way you
view situations
can have a big effect on your health

have total contro
l over your own behaviors

can choose
to avoid high-risk behaviors in favor of healthful behaviors

Media and Technology;
Media are the various methods for communicating information and has the
most powerful influences
on your health

Content is
through technology, such as radio, TV, internet, and print media

all other forms of media as an information source

– some of your surrounding including the physical places in which you live and the people who make up your world. The culture you live in is also part of your environment

Physical Environment:
-- Neighborhood and
school safety
Air and water
-- Availability of parks, recreational facilities, and libraries
-- Access to
medical care

Heredity, environment, attitude, behavior, media, and technology can all
your health

It is your
to make healthy decisions and take actions to ensure your well-being

Understanding these influences will help you make

about your health

– all the traits that were biologically past on to you from your parents

A. Influences on Your Health

I can Analyze the relationship between healthy behaviors and personal health

I can Describe the influence of culture on health beliefs, practices, and behaviors

I can Analyze how messages from media influence health behaviors

I can Analyze the influence of technology on personal and family health

I can Analyze the validity of health information, products, and services

I can Analyze how genetics and family history can impact personal health

Student Learning Targets

Lesson 2
What Affects Your Health?

Chapter 1

It is important to understand the influences heredity has on your health

parents and grandparents
questions about what health conditions and diseases run in your family
Social Environment:
-- All the people around you, including your
family and peers
– people of the same age who share
similar interests
– the collective beliefs, customs, and
behaviors of a group
-- Language you speak, the food you eat, your spiritual beliefs, and traditions you practice

Heredity, environment, attitude, behavior, media, and technology can all influence your health

Stick to websites that have
.gov and .edu
in address
Group 1 – Class Activity
1.  Define what heredity is.

2. What is environment? Identify three types of environment.
Pick a classmate who has a “negative” health
behavior such as smoking, not wearing safety
equipment and role-play a scenario to persuade
your friend to adopt a healthy behavior
Group 2 – Class Activity
Group 3 – Class Activity
You just moved to a different town and will be attending a new high school.  Write a short story on the possible influences on your health and describe how your well-being might be affected by this influence.
Heredity, environment, attitude, behavior, media, and technology can all influence your health
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