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Child and the City

that's what we do

Bettina Schwarzmayr

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of Child and the City

Youth and Education
wienXtra wants that young people in Vienna can take part in developing our society,
wienXtra offers services that are fun and opens spaces in which young people can develop their potential
wienXtra works for the city of Vienna in close cooperation with the municipal department 13
Display and Description
Work principles
Childrens rights
27 social profit organisations and approx. 800 employees
additional 27 youth organisations with members and volunteers
offers are facility bases, mobile, regional and following subcultures
Improvement of the lives of young Viennese
support of social justice and equality
reducing discrimination and disadvantage
development of competences
health promotion
prevention of risky behavior
lobbying for youth rights and needs
voluntary, free of charge and low threshold
target group friendly
gender- and diversity sensitive
self-determined and participatory
orienting on the potential
partial but critical
children's rights network (44 NGOs)
Human rights office of the city
and lots of child friendly infrastructure
Youth and education
Thank you for your attention

Executive City Councillor Education, Integration, Youth and Personnel: Jürgen Czernohorszky
In Figures:
Total area: 41,487 ha
50% is accounted for by green spaces
Altitude: 171 m above sea level
Language: German
Currency: € Euro
Population: ~1.800.000
~230.000 school students
~190.00 higher education students
Residents with migration background: ~670.000
Unemployment rate: ~10%

What else?
Average air temperature in September: 15°C
Average Daily Sunshine Hours in September: 7h
27 palaces for example Schönbrunn
280 imperial parks and gardens
120 concert halls and theaters
over 100 museums
over 7400 Cafés and Bars

Major and Governor of Vienna:
Michael Ludwig
Why does wienXtra want to host
to showcase what vienna has to offer in the field of children
to enhance international exchange with experts
to learn from other good practice
to increase the awareness of the importance of respecting children in all policy areas
City Hall:
Constructed from 1872 to 1883 in a Neo-Gothic style
Structure spread over an area of 19,592 m2
Total space of about 113,000 m2
six floors and two basements with 1,575 rooms

museums offer free admission
to visitors under 19 years old in addition to special events and tours for children, including:
Museum of Military History
Museum of Fine Arts
MAK - Museum of Applied Art
mumok (Museum of Modern Art)
Museum of Natural History
Austrian National Library
Museum of Technology
the exhibition at the ZOOM Children's Museum

into city hall
zoom children's museum
Library - Kirango
animation and play
holiday games
Population development : ~+10-11% groth per year (housing, schools, health services, transport...)
9 % unaccompanied Minors amongst refugees
70% of the children under the age of 10 have at least one parent not born in Austria or no Austrian citizenship
over 50% multilingual households vs. monolingual education system
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