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Babylonian Creation Myth

No description

Renlee Martillana

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Babylonian Creation Myth

Babylonian Creation Myth The Babylonian creation myth is difficult to
understand because of how the deities are portrayed. Many characters have multiple names and personalities. Apsu (fresh water), Tiamat and Mummu (salt water) parented life on earth... To the point that Apsu and Tiamat's alter ego, Mummu, plotted their death. Many other gods and goddesses lived in Tiamat's great waters. They became very rambunctious and disruptive... Ea, his wife Damkina and their son Marduk (the sun God), take control. In a last effort attempt, Tiamat calls upon the help of the most powerful God Ea/Nudimmud (God of all crafts) In 1849 the myth was uncovered by Austen Henry Layard in Nineveh, on 7 clay tablets. Translated from old Babylonian, the story recalls the the great battle for dominion over the earth. This version was also used by the Assyrians and the Sumerians Ea was enraged and used his magic to banish Mummu and render Apsu unconscious so he can destroy him. They interfere with Tiamat as well the the Gods living within her and causes to become irratated and annoyed. Marduk receives the wind for recreation and creates multiple tornadoes and dust storms. Tiamat gains control and raises herself and her new husband, Kingu, into the position of "supreme dominion" The Gods within Tiamat convinces her to take matters into her own hands. She fashions 11 monsters to assist in the battle to regain power. Marduk sends himself as a makes a deal with the other Gods. He will fight Tiamat as long as they make him ruler. The remaining Gods start to fear Taimat's quick rise to power. Marduk makes a deal with Tiamat and battles her one-on-one and annihilates her. Marduk tears her body into two and creates the earth and sky. Marduk now has the ability to arrange the planets and the calendar. Next, he designs and adjusts the moon, sun and weather to his liking. The rest of the Gods that used to reside in Tiamat are subjected to slave for the other Gods. Marduk kills Kingu and designs the human race utilizing Kingu's blood. The other Gods are freed and replaced by humans to fulfill their duties. Enûma Eliš. (n.d.). Enûma Eliš - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved September 16, 2012, from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enûma_Eliš Information Resources The Babylonian Creation Story. (n.d.). Enuma Elish -- The Babylonian Creation Story. Retrieved September 16, 2012, from faculty.gvsu.edu/websterm/Enuma_Elish.html The Enuma Elish: The Babylonian Creation Myth. (n.d.). Christian Resource Institute. Retrieved September 16, 2012, from http://www.cresourcei.org/enumaelish.html Picture Resources They believe that... Because... Tornadoes and dust storms came to be...

The Earth came to be...

The sky came to be...

Calendars, weather and the planets came to be...

The moon, sun and came to be... BBC - Your Paintings - Sir Austen Henry Layard (1817–1894), Politician, Diplomat and Archaeologist. (n.d.). BBC - Homepage. Retrieved September 16, 2012, from http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/yourpaintings/paintings/sir-austen-henry-layard-18171894-politician-diplomat-and-a27795

Der Stoff, aus dem die Bibel gewoben ist | Hinter-Gründe. (n.d.). SciLogs - Tagebücher der Wissenschaft. Retrieved September 17, 2012, from http://www.scilogs.de/chrono/index.php?op=ViewArticle&articleId=1377&blogId=16

Qi, S. S., prana., spirit., explained, o. l., & compared.. (n.d.). Enuma Elish - The Babylonian Creation Myth - Separation of purposes. Aikido, Art, Myth, Fiction, and More - by STEFAN STENUDD. Retrieved September 16, 2012, from http://www.stenudd.com/myth/enumaelish/enumaelish-5.htm Marduk was playing with the wind.

Marduk used half of Tiamat to create it. This explained the large amount of water on Earth and moisture in the sky.

Marduk gained the power back from Tiamat to create and organize the universe and time.

Marduk is the Sun God and needs provide light for the humans he created.
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