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10 ways to help in Live Oak Kids

Prezi is simple: You Write, Zoom, Arrange.Using these simple means, you can express many things - with great impact.Here are some basic examples such as timelines, TOC, Zen likes.

Emmy Lilholt

on 20 March 2017

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Transcript of 10 ways to help in Live Oak Kids

Use Your Gifts
Youth Leaders
You Make An
Eternal Difference!
* Smile...it is contagious! Kids know when you are having a bad day...You set the tone of the room...keep it fun!
it is a privilege...
This is a place to serve... not... A Place to Escape ... it is an opportunity to minister to our little ones. Tell them about Jesus! With this in mind... please stay in your assigned environment. IN ORDER TO SERVE...You MUST attend your youth service.
Monkey See ... Monkey Do...
to serve in Live Oak Kids...
In practice, this means that you need to sit with the kids... so they can Learn from you... Turn these moments into meaningful Friendships!
Watch 'em Grow You can make a difference in their lives!
You can accept or decline a service
Download the lesson for that week
Helps us know who is serving in that service
You can see who you are serving alongside
We communicate all changes through email
You can communicate anything to us
When you are on vacation
If you are sick and can't come serve
We want you to be ...a great success
You must have an active email address that you check every week.
You can use those gifts to serve God. Try different things in Live Oak Kids...it can lead to
• Small Group Leader
• Large Group Leader
• Tech Team Leader
• Worship Team Leader
• Best Buddy Leader
We get one hour a week to impact our kids for Christ.
Thank You
For Serving!
are learners... And are always open
to learn more...
A Strong Leader
leads the crowd
in the right direction
and is prepared
Use your imagination
Use your creativity
Be a good Follower
Be Flexible
...30min before...10min VIP TIME...
10 min Youth Huddle Time...SHINE...
Crafts & Games
Worship Team
Greeters, Ambassadors,
Large Group, Small Group,

Play Games
You should arrive in Live Oak Kids 30 minutes prior to the service for VIP Time.
We love that you want to serve in Live Oak Kids Children's Ministry!
Live Oak Kids
Live Oak Kids is...
Life Changing...
You should be interacting with kids the entire time! Not each other...
you can do that anytime.
Live Oak Kids is fun!
We want our kids to have fun learning about Jesus !

While they are learning... Their lives are changing!

Laughing...Learning...Life Changing...
"Caught You Shining!"
H: Heart - Prov 4:23
Little kids want to be like You!
I: Integrity - Prov 10:9
S: Service Before Self - Matt 20:26-28
God wants to use you!
You are a superhero!
... God created you to be special...He gave you specific gifts!
We want Live Oak Kids to be the
best it can be!
Matthew 5:16
After all... it is all about Jesus...
and about Life Change...
You Are The
Rock Stars!!!
Thanks for coming!
You have little eyes watching you... Focus on the kids...not your FRIENDS OR YOUR CELL PHONE! Make sure you are dress appropriately.
You must wear your Live Oak Kids Shirt in order to serve!
(coming soon)
One more thing...
One more thing.... we believe in you, you are a blessing to all of us... God loves you and began a great work in you, and He is faithful to complete it. We as leaders consider it a privilege to serve alongside of you. We love to watch God use you. We love to watch you grow in your gifts. We are here to help you...you are important to us. Thank you for choosing Live Oak Kids to use your gifts.
is the key...
Willingness to go where ever you are needed... Go to Any Class...
Do Any Job...
Do the little things...
Be Like Gumby
You Are A Leader
Planning Center Online
N: No Excuses - 2 Cor :10
E: Example - 1Tim 4:12
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