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katjess dawfarr

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Aquarist


An Aquarist could work alone or as part of a team, depending on what job they are doing at the moment. A lot of times you will see them
working together like in shows for Sea World,
or in Walt Disney. They work together when
they have an injured animal.
What duties do they perform?

Aquarists work is aquariums such as...
- Monterey Bay Aquarium
- National Aquarium
- Sea World
- Disney

Aquarists work for a few different
things, like a company that has to
do with marine animals like....
- The Walt Disney Company
- Sea world Company
they also can sometimes be working
for the government

They find sick or injured animals
to treat and take care of.
A group of aquarists from Sea
Worlds rescue team are helping
an injured animal.
An aquarist handles all of the animals and wild life in a aquarium. They clean the animals, the tanks, and the algae from the glass, so the people can view the fish. Along with giving the creatures daily attention, they also give them special attention if they are sick. They also feed and and take care off all the living organisms in the aquarium so that they grow up to be strong and healthy.
Education required?
The desired amount of education required would be, a minimum of a two year college degree mainly in science, biology and marine biology. Most aquariums also prefer if you have at least one year of experience working with public aquariums and marine wild life.
Places in Canada where you could get your degree.
Marine biology, and marine science courses are offered at the university of Calgary, at the Bamfield marine science centre. Another university that also offers it is, the University of New Brunswick.
How much does an average aquarist make?
The average aquarist's salary can be as low as $18,000 to $22,000 but for more experienced people at top institutions the salary can rise to nearly $50,000.

Do they work alone or as part of a team?
Who do they work for?
Where they work?
Some aquarists train seals, dolphins,
whales and other animals to perform
tricks and interact with humans.
Dolphins are trained at Sea world to do tricks in their shows.
other interesting facts are....
-Many animals are taken from the wild
-Some are born while in captivity
This animal was born
in Sea World, being feed
by one of the aquarists
that work there.
By: Katie Dawson
Jessica Farrell
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