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EthicsVS Morals

No description

Marqia Smith

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of EthicsVS Morals

Morals vs. ethics is an interesting debate that can put a person deep into thought. It is impossible to say which is the better school of thought, but there is a fine difference that helps one decide for themselves. Ethics~VS~Morals Ethics:

Moral: Difference between Ethics & Moral - Moral principles that govern a person's or groups behavior - Defines personal character ; the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character. Ethics: Rules set by society (You should not kill, rob , or molest)

Morals: Your own rules that others can dispute with you such as remain a virgin till marriage. Examples: Keeping your phone on during school hours

Good Reason: -Your parent/guardian will call you for an emergency
- You can use your phone for resources

Bad reason: Keeping your phone on may interrupt other peoples learning Ethical Issues At School Bringing Protection with You if You have to Walk Home From School Good Reason: It is protection in case if someone tries to kidnap you while walking alone.

Bad Reason: You are putting other students lives in danger. Abortions Ethical Issues in Our Community Marqia Smith, Eden Bitew, Alondra Nieto, Yolanda Mejia Good reason: If you are young and you are having sexual intercourse and you end up pregnant, you would not have to stress about raising a child that you are not ready for. Especially if you are not FINANCIALLY stable.

Bad Reason: You are killing a living thing who has not discovered life as a human being outside of the womb.
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