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Growth Mindset and Student Achievement

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Kelly Freitas

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of Growth Mindset and Student Achievement

We Are All Numeracy Teachers
Mindsets and Student Achievement
Do we create any obstacles for our professional learning?

-Please read the handout and identify at least two obstacles.
TURN and TALK to a partner and share your learning obstacles.
Knowing Ourselves as Learners
Learning Goal
We are learning how our beliefs and mindsets impact student learning and achievement in math, that we are all numeracy teachers, and to plan rich tasks that reflect a growth mindset and inquiry approach to learning.
How do we create a learning culture in which people feel safe to be public and reflective learners?
Naming and sharing our obstacles is a first step in valuing "not knowing" as a key characteristic of our school culture.
Beliefs Matter
Putting Ideas on the Table
Paying Attention to Self and Others
Promoting a Spirit of Inquiry
Probing Questions
Presuming Positive Intentions

Norms of Collaboration
How does mindset impact our work with students?
The reason we are investigating mindsets, is because "a growing body of research (Dweck, Boaler...) demonstrates that the beliefs that educators and students have about math is critical to achievement in math."
(Engage Math, Balanced Math Instruction poster, Peel, 2014)
And there is a call to action...
"Just as literacy has become every teacher's responsibility, so numeracy needs to be seen as integral to every learning area."
Jo Boaler says there is an elephant in the math classroom, and it's a fixed mindset that only some kids are smart at or good at math.
How did this fixed mindset thinking impact you as a math student?
What is your math story?
So how do we reflect a growth mindset in the math class?

Through our words
"Great job, you're so smart"
Rather than praising intelligence, praise effort and strategies

"My students are so low"
Instead, my students are still learning to....because we believe that every student can learn and we just have to figure out how to get them there
"My students can't"
Try, "my students can't do it...yet", because we are committed to finding a way to make it happen
and through the tasks we give students
Digital Documenter?
How could you use open tasks in your class/numeracy period?
What I think?
What my partner thinks?
What we agree on?
Clipboard Walk and Talk:
-Please get up and walk around until the music stops
-Then, find a partner to share your ideas with each other
So Let's do an Open Math Task in Proportional Reasoning...
What is the data telling us?
What is data not telling us?
What other information do you need to make sense of this data?
Learning Goal:
We are learning that graphs are powerful, since visual displays quickly reveal information about data, and how to make inferences and draw conclusions from them by comparing the numbers in different ways (to each other, to benchmark numbers).

(in partners):
Do NFL teams really have a home field advantage, and if so how great is that advantage?
Show and explain your thinking.
-Ask two to three partners to debrief to bring out the learning goal and big ideas, and use Chapin, O'Connor and Anderson's (2009)
Talk Moves
to structure how reasoning is shared and communicated:
Revoicing, Repeating, Adding On, Wait Time
Reflection/Extension Questions:
-Which team would you bet on?
-How could you use your solution to
pick a winning fantasy football team?
-What other information would you need?
You Gotta Read This!
Get into one or more of the suggested resources, and find a task or problem that would be "meaty" enough to investigate in your numeracy class?
By: Kelly Freitas @resource_girl
GIVE one, GET one, MOVE on,
protocol to share ideas
Digital Documenters
share with the whole group
Explain Everything
Pic Collage
Haiku Deck
Show Me
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