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Quick Phonics Screener - QPS

No description

Tami Wade

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Quick Phonics Screener - QPS

Quick Phonics Screener - QPS
Materials - student pages, scoring sheets, directions, cover card, pencil
You do not have to administer every skill set to a student - based on grade, data, etc.
If student reads fewer that half of the items correctly, back up to an easier skill set.
Multiple forms - A, B, C (equivalent in difficulty).
Assess on at least three skill sets to have sufficient data.
Mark score sheets as student reads - slash if incorrect, write incorrect responses, include comments, calculate total number of correct responses.
Self corrects (sc) are NOT counted as errors.
In skill sets 3-9, ONLY underlined sounds need to be correct.
Stop administration if a student fails to correctly identify 20/26 letters or sounds in sets 1 and 2 (use discretion).
Stop administration if a student fails to correctly identify at least half of the items in sets 3-9 (use discretion).
Document results on QPS Grouping Worksheet.
What is QPS?
Diagnostic assessment - strengths and needs in phonics
Individual assessment
Not timed
Skill sets - letters, sounds, nonsense words, prefixes/suffixes, multi-syllable words
Progressive - skills sets build in difficulty
Used to guide instruction and evaluate intervention.
Shadow score "student" as she reads skill set 2 and 6.
Reflect on QPS comfort level:
Early Emergent
- still grasping basic concepts/components
- grasp concepts/components but need more practice
Early Fluent
- approaching independence
- independent and administering QPS
Watch, Practice, Reflect
Make note of anything you notice or wonder as you watch the video clips.
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