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Affect on population density of how people live in Japan

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philgyu choi

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Affect on population density of how people live in Japan

Info on rush hour and affect on transportation
Transports like trains and buses are really difficult to ride for some people. This transportation can get so crowded that, Tokyo has it's own job of pushers so they push people in the subway or bus. If you live in Tokyo and own a car, you must demonstrate and prove that you have a parking slot for that car. To make a nicer and faster way to get out of that crowded trains, Tokyo has involved in creating a technological and faster way to move around the city, an example would be the Bullet Train.
How population density affect health in Japan
Garbage can build up as population increases. Sewage and wastes pollute water and rivers along Japan.
Affect on population density on how people live in Japan
Tokyo Rush hour pictures
Daniel Flores, Phil Gyu Choi
Some people use masks to protect themselves from getting sick.
How does population density affects land use in Japan
Because their is a lot of people in Japan they have to build taller building and underground places. There are markets, shopping malls, parks underground. And their hotels are really small they are called capsule hotels. This happens because of the land use in Japan.
how population density affects housing in Japan
their is limited amount of flat land in Japan so buildings can be build, but Japan houses are smaller than American houses. Japaneses live in houses no bigger than an American living room. Japanese people live with a nuclear family and in a nuclear family means that their is only parents and children.
Phil Choi
by Daniel
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