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Idealist Healer (INFP)

No description

Jacqueline Kim

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Idealist Healer (INFP)

MGMT 250
Idealist Healer (INFP)
JAcqueline Kim

Celebrity Types.com. (n.d.). In Famous INFPs website. Retrieved from http://www.celebritytypes.com/infp.php

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Portrait of the idealist (NF). (n.d.). In Keirsey temperament website. Retrieved from http://www.keirsey.com/4temps/idealist_overview.asp.
Concerned with personal growth
Strive to help others
Incurable romantics
Highly Ethical
Relatively rare
Idealists (NF)
Idealist Healer (INFP)
Heal conflicts
Profound sense of Idealism
Relate well with others
Good at interpreting stories and languages
Solving Problems/Accomplishing Goals
friendly cooperation
approach with idealistic thinking
conscious of ethics
focus on what might be rather than what is
follow their heart not head
Jean Jacques Rousseau
Healers (NP)
J.K. Rowling
Andy Warhol
Dealing with stress
negative environment
Divisions within a group
Violation of values
Kurt Cobain
Other famous INFPs
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